the blacklight gaze

maybe i am nothing
or maybe i did happen once
but history was never my story
and paradise always belonged to you
maybe if i denied my need
maybe if i’ve not said too much
i might finally find my field of reeds
to walk in, perchance to breathe

fain don’t you light a candle for me
for tomorrow’s breeze would see me gone
so scorn me not for a child
i intend to bleed from open hands

maybe i am grateful
or maybe i’ll be the final smile
frozen between provident lines
where i’m never right and you’re never wrong
maybe i haven’t bled enough
maybe if i defied the need
in an ultraviolet field of reeds
to haze in, ergo to breathe

fain don’t you light a candle for me
for tomorrow’s breeze would see me gone
so scorn me not for a child
i intend to bleed over scorched sands

maybe my blood was fire
maybe i am guttering now
bleeding out blackened fields of need
to lay in, forgo to breathe
so maybe i am something
maybe i’ll not betide even once
everyone’s busy living and dying
least of all me

© All rights reserved 2020

42 thoughts on “the blacklight gaze

  1. Power. Just absolute power in those words. So honest, so open, so so thoughtful. There’s sorrow and so much feeling put into those lines of yours. This is poetry. Just moved by what you have written. The last line? So evocative. I wonder what you must have gone through to deliver this absolute piece of art. I have to very honestly say that this work might be a little dark, but that is what life is. You might have been through a lot, but there’s strength in those words. Believe me when I say this, you have changed the way I think about poetry. So inspired and so moved with those lines of absolute and optimum honesty. I’m back in circles, but that is how well you write. I have thus, followed you and I hope to read so much more…. Sending you all of the peace and greetings from Sui generis 💛💛💛

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  2. This is beautifully written and sad. I will have to save this to give it many more proper reads. The imagery is captivating, and I’m just so immersed in each word and line. It is amazing, heartbreaking, vulnerable and raw. There are so many rich phrases used here that contribute to such imagery, and the way this is written is so specific in its theme that I can really feel the helplessness in these words of the narrator.

    Such excellent poetry. I will be coming back to this.

    Liked by 3 people

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