BUT IS IT ART? // Goo Goo McArt




TATI: Bachelor of Visual Arts.

TONY: I’m sorry?

TATI: You have a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

TONY: Yes.

TATI: Your art has even featured in a comics exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka, Croatia.

TONY: Erm… yes.

TATI: You’ve contributed to various comics anthologies.

TONY: Also yes.

TATI: All of this hard work and critical acclaim has led you to… this?

TONY: To what?

TATI: Shame on you!

TONY: Huh?!

TATI: This drawing of a goo goo muck with blood all over her tits!

TONY: Goo goo muck?!

TATI: A vampire woman!

TONY: Ohhh-kayyy…

TATI: Tony, this drawing is not art! It is complete shit!

TONY: I beg your pardon?!

TATI: You have thirty seconds to convince me otherwise. Tick tock!


TATI: Well? I’m waiting!

Tony turns to the Unbolt Me readers. His voice drops to a whisper.

TONY: Help me out, guys…


© All rights reserved 2020

88 thoughts on “BUT IS IT ART? // Goo Goo McArt

  1. Ironically, people have historically paId good money to see a goo goo muck with blood spattered on her tits….so much so that it is an actual trope in the fantasy/horror genre.

    Vampires are a multi-billion dollar industry. There are even emoticons for them here in this app.

    🧛‍♂️ see?

    So, some may think vampires suck (it was inevitable) but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And when fictional creatures persist for centuries…it’s for a reason.

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  2. Pretty classic (and ambivalent) depiction of the devouring, intimidating yet alluring female. Politically-incorrect and outdated, but it persists. See Sirens, see Calypso, see… Rather than being harsh on the depiction (you’re just the messenger, right?) better look with ourselves male/female/etc. alike and ask the question why?

    Too much thought?

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