GUEST POST // The Kids Must Grow Up by Cassy Single

No one should ever hear
the sky cracking open with bombs.
No one should live in fear
of what tomorrow will bring.
We think we are evolved.
We have leaders
that should serve the will
of the people.
The people say no.
All it takes is one man
to build enough power around him,
that this one man
holds a people
to ransom.
Politics is dominated
by children in a schoolyard,
small men
whose dreams shape our very lives.
The whole world must say no,
must stand together.
Peace must prevail.
Glory to Ukraine!

© All rights reserved 2022

14 thoughts on “GUEST POST // The Kids Must Grow Up by Cassy Single

  1. It makes no sense. War is a crime. Although the destruction is mostly in Ukraine we all feel the impact. It is sad to say that Russia has let a devil out of hell and their internal inferno is pending. In years to come will they suffer more?

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    • Unfortunately, everybody suffers in this equation. Innocent Ukrainians who never asked for their country to be invaded. Russian citizens who know enough to not want this war but are silenced out of fear of what Putin will do to them. Even those Russian citizens who are brainwashed by Putin’s poisonous anti-Ukraine propaganda. Nobody wins except for the one person who should under no circumstances ever win. Putin. Thanks for reading, James. It’s so much appreciated!

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