9 thoughts on “TATI & TONY ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN GEOPOLITICS // Six Word Story #112

  1. I definitely dated that guy. I also studied poli-sci, international relations, and economics once upon a time at university. Like many, I’m devastated, but I’m also utterly unsurprised.

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    • We share your devastation, Em, but are also utterly unsurprised that this is even happening in the 21st century. You’d think that humanity would be past this kind of garbage by now but then along comes someone to prove otherwise. Putin and his cronies need to be called out on what they’re doing, and if possible, stopped. After all, they won’t do the right thing and stop themselves.

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  2. At first I found it somewhat hard to believe that a war like this could be happening in the 21st century. And then I remembered that the engines that power human affairs are still largely fueled by testosterone.

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