1. I wish this was a real newspaper! I’d buy it ( and it’d be literally the only newspaper that would be worth buying). I love all things Otherworldly.

    Reminds me slightly of a brilliant one-off “magazine” I bought years ago. It was a fashion magazine for cats- complete with ads for cat perfume and the like. It was SO well done. And bloody funny. I wish I still had it ( I lost a bunch of things in my last move, alas) . I’d bloody love to create something similar ( I have a specific idea, too) but can only imagine the costs involved!

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    • Cheers, my friend! I’m so glad you enjoyed this! And, yeah, I can only imagine the cost involved too, otherwise I’d be jumping at the chance to produce something like that! Also, I’m with you on the regret front. There are many items along the lines of what you just described that I’ve somehow lost down through the years, and I really really wish I hadn’t now.

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    • No worries! And yes, so many things get lost over the years…it’s not even the “thing’ aspect of them either, is it? It’s more the joy and the fact that it was a memento of happier times… but still, I’m grateful to be as lucky as I currently am- especially as the world seems to be falling apart one bit of a time :/

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    • I agree with you. It isn’t the ‘material’ aspect of it at all. It’s what the object brings to mind and/or makes you feel. I have a collection of comics and graphic novels spanning decades that not only reminds me of the joy of cartooning but also how different things were even just ten years ago. It seems the only constant is change, so having certain objects that anchor you throughout it all can be very beneficial.

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    • That sounds like an awesome collection. I imagine the old ones would indeed be an interesting- and oftentimes amusing, I’m guessing- departure from what’s around today. And yes, very good point! I guess that’s why vintage things are so popular. I definitely think that a certain amount of nostalgia is healthy. Good for the soul!

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