firth time

the sky is so low today
i can reach it with my hand
rake the lightning from the clouds
make a crown of electric thorns

the fog is arcane today
i can absorb it with my skin
get gnostic by osmosis
wet in the haar of angel stranding

the sand is so sonant today
i can hear it with my feet
till with toes between the grains
fill to sprig from unheard prayers

and here i am, another day
walking free among the dunes
i’m the arrester and catalyst
time and tide wait for no god

Firth Time

© All rights reserved 2022

25 thoughts on “firth time

  1. The use of “haar” seems to peg you as Scottish, or you might have used “fret”, as that kind of coastal fog (I’ve heard) is known in eastern England. I enjoyed the imagery, but I’m curious as to why you’d use both “fog” and “haar” in the same stanza. “Sprig” is also new to me in this usage. I’ve heard of a sprig of parsley, but toes that “fill to sprig” baffled me. I’ve never seen it used as a verb. I thought at first that you meant the toes filled with imaginary or real sprouts from the sand, but as a verb I suppose you could mean that toes can sprout or fly across the sand.

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    • Sorry for the confusion, my friend. I can say that we’re guilty of trying to play with words in ways that they were not originally intended to be used. It’s something we find fun but we’re not always successful in the execution of it. 😅

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