27 thoughts on “SUPERHERO SHENANIGANS! // Six Word Story #123

  1. It was me and I’m peeved at how my good intentions were much maligned. I had lost you and Tony in my many blog deletes and restarts. Holley Hunter at House of Heart and I are writing a full length novel across the comment section on her blog. We both liked how the unbolted blog you had several years ago had links that led one on a journey of discovery across your unbolted universe. So we decided to hide the novel in comments that span across her poetry in the comments. So you see, you have had an impact. Glad to reconnect.

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    • Welcome back, my friend, and… WOW! That is such a cool idea to have a novel span across a whole comment section! I feel kinda honoured that we would have inspired such a thing. I’m a bit blown away to be honest. Thank you!

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    • Holley and I enjoyed your blog a great deal and for a long time but as I said I have a habit of deleting old blogs and starting over so I lost you and WP search didn’t find you either. But then that fateful day you popped up on my screen, wow! Our romantic adventure story is at a little over 100,000 words and going strong. We loosely follow the theme in a poem for each chapter and then write it in the comment section. If you find it, you might enjoy it. It’s quite unbolted in your honor.

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    • Hi Tony, here are the poems in order were the book Flight to Senegal is written. WP is starting to fragment it a bit but you can read the journal entries, our discussion and planning comments and everything inbetween.
      Journey, Perpetual Skies, Sleepless, Indigenous, The Dance, No One Needs to Know, and the current chapters posted in the Poem Sailing. I just go to the search link on the upper right of the House of Heart landing page and type in the poem name, scroll down in the comments to the first entry and then continue to read down. The story picks up in the next poem in the sequence. Enjoy!

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