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Intelligent Writing 

I simply can’t make myself enjoy the book. The writing is intelligent; it flows smoothly and there are no grammatical or formatting issues. I simply did not enjoy the story. That, in itself, is no reflection upon the authors’ writing skills. It is just my personal preference. **I received this book in exchange for an honest review.**

by Writes4coffee on March 17, 2017

This was . . . . interesting

The first question I had before reading Tetiana Aleksina’s Mooreeffoc was “What’s the deal with this title?” Coffee room backwards? The last question I had after reading it was “What’s the deal with this story?”

Cats. Channeling their experiences. Contemptuous of their keepers. Talking. Drinking coffee. Nothing really happens, a series of impressions.

I can’t really say whether this is great literature or not. The good news: it’s super short. So you can either a) be pleased that you didn’t spend a lot of time reading it, or b) read it again and again.

If you’re looking for a narrative short story, keep looking. If you’re looking for a sort of hallucinogenic text stream that might make more sense after a few readings, Mooreeffoc might be right up your alley.

Thanks to the author for the complimentary electronic review copy!

by Paul Mastin on January 24, 2017

Small but perfectly formed

Mooreeffoc is the act of seeing the ordinary in a new and unexpected light. The word was coined by G K Chesterton, writing about Charles Dickens’ observation of the writing on the glass door of a London coffee room as seen from inside and used “[as] the motto of all effective realism; the masterpiece of the good realistic principle — the principle that the most fantastic thing of all is often the precise fact.”

Mooreeffoc is also a (very) short story by Ukrainian author, Tetiana Aleksina, and Australia’s Tony Single. Set (most appropriately) in a coffee house somewhere in the world, it captures an ordinary everyday fleeting moment between two people and shows that there is potentially no such thing as an ordinary everyday moment, anywhere, ever.

The story offers only about ten minutes of reading but those ten minutes may stay with you for more than a while. Highly recommended.

DISCLOSURE: This review is of a free sample of the product provided by the authors. It nevertheless reflects my true and honest assessment of the item.

by Steve Benner on December 30,2016


These stories are not mainstream. They are a group of individual tales that are related in theme and purpose and in content; fantasy tales in which the gods manipulate the characters.

Clever , engrossing, and funny; original and different. Reviewed by the author of The Children’s Story, About Good and Evil.

by Robert Krueger on December 23, 2016

For Maximum Enjoyment, Look Up the Definitions of Every Word You are not Familiar With! LOL!

Mooreeffoc is different than any short story I have ever read. The first time I read it quickly, late in the evening after I imbibed a couple glasses of wine. Discovering that I had no idea what I read, I went straight to bed.

This afternoon I read it again slowly, taking the time to look up every term or word that I was not familiar with and found myself laughing out loud.

This is a Twilight Zone like tale about a flirting man sitting across from a lady in a coffee shop. The man has a tattoo of a black panther intricately designed in Zentangle style on his bicep. The woman has a cat sitting in her lap.

Ironically, the man and the cat were each unworthy and involuntary hosts who were possessed by two ancient Egyptian gods that mocked their lowly conversation.

This is very short and delightful tale that I really enjoyed after breaking the heady code.

While the tale was enjoyable, the profanity laced conversations between the gods make it unsuitable for children.


December 18, 2016

I would like more descriptions of what is going on -IE where …

Mooreeffoc is a very short yet somehow compelling story that starts quickly and ends way too soon. I would like more descriptions of what is going on -IE where this takes place, what time frame. I really would have liked to have much more added to the story as the story left me wanting more. the dialogue kept me going as it hooked me in on every word spoken. It is largely based on emotion and thoughts within the plot line. This can be easily read in one sitting. It does have adult content, so this is not a children’s bedtime story. If you want a quick fantasy read, this will do the trick.

by Corkasaurus on December 15, 2016

good story 🙂

Um.. so this was 11 pages long. It was interesting. It was odd and unusual yet it opened your mind to different things. If you aren’t open minded I wouldn’t try this story but it was a very interesting story and I’m glad I got to review it.

by Kaila on December 14, 2016

My thoughts on Mooreeffoc

A complex enigmatic fantasy book written with elevated and elaborate language. I see it as a wonderful intent to tell a story from different perspectives trying to avoid clichés. At times it becomes so shockingly absurd that you inevitably laugh. The plot is full of imagination, deep in thoughts and, at the same time, using great sense of humor. What apparently looks simple becomes complicated, sometimes really confusing for the reader. I think it has different levels of reading and can also be open to many interpretations. Because of all this I have enjoyed reading it.

by Kyrta on December 13, 2016

“Mooreeffoc”, a tiny gem… 5 Stars.

Mooreeffoc by Tetiana Aleksina (Author), Tony Single (Author)

This Kindle e-book was approximately 11 printed pages and sold for $0.99 at the time of writing this review.

General Theme (spoilers)

For the first time in millennia two Egyptian Gods(ess) have reincarnated into two individuals, a hooker and a ‘john’, who have gotten together to consummate a transaction.

Little did they know, that this chance pairing in a Mooreeffoc (a coffee-room) would present a rare opportunity for their recapture.

Some thoughts on Mooreeffoc…

A strange tale that initially I didn’t have a clue about. But it did have a certain air of intrigue that made it interesting and appealing.

It was only 11 pages, so after about 3 more careful readings I finally was able to piece together the snippets of information presented and eventually got the gist of what was going on.

A somewhat difficult read simply because of the unfamiliarity of the subject matter and the characters involved… I spent some time looking up ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. A story that was skillfully put together and made for an enjoyable little tale if you had the patience and perseverance to stick with it.

If you do a little research into some of the names found in this tale, then the strength of this story will find you. It is a short gem that deserves an honest and attentive perusal.

As it is… 5 Stars

Ray Nicholson

by R. Nicholson on November 28, 2016

Unusual, but it opens our minds

It is a tragedy that people are not open to new things. This failure to have an open mind applies to religion, to other political parties, to language used, to sexual orientation, and even to literature, to new kinds of characters, unusual plots, behaviors, and more. Many people close their minds to ideas, ignore the truth because it comes from a source one does not like, ignoring that the truth is the truth no matter what its source. They live their lives imprisoned within the ideas and behaviors learnt in childhood.

This book is highly unusual. Some people, therefore, will dismiss it simply based on the fact that it is unusual. This is a mistake. The unusual opens our minds and lets us grow, as this book does.

by Israel Drazin on November 25, 2016

A tantalizing peek at life from the determinative view of …

A tantalizing peek at life from the determinative view of ancient Egyptian Goddesses, drawn to appear by aromas which entice ethereal beings to make an appearance, in a matter of importance, to humans of course. The language is skillful, plucking the meaning of life metaphorically, hovering about each player long enough to unmask the social face, for a deeper glimpse of human self-interest. This story is not a long read, yet will take the reader to far off destinations, where the world is shaped through human endeavors, seasoned and nudged along by Deities of The Huntress & War, the very human spirit having guided mankind for eons.

by Grant Handgis on November 22, 2016


I very seldom give such a low rating. It wasn’t because it was bad. For me I just didn’t understand it. I didn’t care for some of the language used. This is told from the point of view of a cat and a panther tattoo. We all have our tastes. This one just wasn’t for me.

I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

by Sandra Stiles on November 13, 2016

Different yet interesting!

Mooreeffoc. The act of seeing the ordinary in a new and unexpected light. Imagine, if you will, two ordinary mortals meeting in an ordinary café late one ordinary evening. What isn’t ordinary is that two gods are pulling their strings behind the scenes. Only those gods know why. But who governs the gods? Who dares make puppets of the puppet masters? The truth may surprise you.

This contemporary fantasy tale is the first collaboration of Ukraine’s Tetiana Aleksina and Australia’s Tony Single. They are the minds behind the popular prose and poetry blog Unbolt.

N.B. This book contains obscene language, so it isn’t recommended that you read it to your children at bedtime!

What did I like? A very unusual story and yet it was interesting way to view a coffee shop pick up. From three very different points of view.

What are you going to like? The story is an old one boy meets girl, boy propositions girl, girl accepts but all looked at from the prospective of three Egyptian Gods. Turns that old story into something quite interesting… each different and yet not! This is a very short read and yet spells it all out in those short pages.. This is definitely not a kids bedtime story, graphic yet not!

I received this from the author for an honest review.

by DD Gott on November 6, 2016

‘Witness Protection Program?! I’ve never heard such obscenity!’

Ukrainian author Tetiana Aleksina (new writer of surrealism, absurdism, horror, fantasy and poems) and Australian author Tony Single (writer, cartoonist, with a freelance illustration business) join minds and imaginations on a blog Unbolt. Here they combine talents to create this imaginative eleven-page gig.

‘Mooreeffoc’ is defined as a word that is rare and is almost never used used in its ostensible sense — relating to things suddenly seen in a new and different way — but only as a keyword to initiate discussion, denoting the queerness of things that have become trite, when they are seen suddenly from a new angle.

The tale is a conversation that relates a pick-up line between a girl and a guy – as observed by a cat, opening with this delectable bit of repartee – “Tell me all about yourself.” I sniff the air. Cinnamon and anise do play well together, and the smell of coffee is an expected though welcome.

Downright crappy you could say. I’ve imbibed once or twice but I don’t seem to have developed a taste for that lurid bean. I prefer a good smoked tea with milk. Sigh. Another evening. Another stranger. And probably the same outcome. “Do you really want to know all about me?” Her voice is playful. That’s a change. Usually she won’t make the effort to hide her boredom. She must be in a good mood. “Of course!” Her legs shift beneath me. She leans forward. I have no intention of moving so I gently dig in. She doesn’t notice. Something about this stranger intrigues her. That’s fine. I’m sleepy and this lap is my soft, warm throne. I purr more insistently, just to remind her that royalty is still present.’ For the rest, read it in context.

Actually, to appreciate the writing of these two it is necessary to flow with it – it is a bit naughty, but nice, and it makes sense until it tangles your brain for a moment of escape. Short, funny, clever, unique – this pair of artists have their own language and it is very inviting!

by Grady Harp on October 31, 2016

Different Perspectives

I never try to give a bad review, but I don’t know what I just read. It’s a scene from three different perspectives? It’s only a few pages and while it seemed thoughtful and fast paced, I was left out at the end just wondering what I had digested. I think just a little more content would’ve been helpful to explain the scenario and why it was important. There wasn’t just enough ‘there’ there to care about any of the characters.

by Julian Coleman on October 22, 2016


Absolutely riveting read… keeps you curious from start to finish.

by Omo on September 23, 2016

Very cool!

Loved the characters, all of them. The setting and details were great! Very fun read. Can’t wait to see what trouble they get into!

by B. Hill on September 18, 2016

What seems like an innocent meeting at a coffee shop takes on…

Mooreeffoc was a short, but satisfying read. What seems like an innocent meeting at a coffee shop takes on another layer. It was intriguing how two stories over lapped and went on at the same time. It was impressive to take a limited amount of words and make them into a short story that is full and mysterious. I enjoyed it.

by D.L. Finn on September 10, 2016

The writing was good. I had to read it a little more…4-rating

This was a very short story. The writing was good. I had to read it a little more slowly due to its unusual nature.

by Sean E. Flanigan on September 10, 2016


Ok. Umm. Ok. I don’t know what I just read. First it’s not a book, not a novella, and I don’t think its a short story. It’s only 11 pages. Really? Yeap. Seems to be written in third person but it’s the cat and a panther’s point of view. Man I am so confused. I don’t think I am smart enough for this book and author. The only redeeming point this few pages had… no errors in sentence structure, no typos… I think.

by Epiphany on September 8, 2016


Too experimental for me, it feels disjointed

by Ernesto Oporto on August 30, 2016


I discovered this quirky fantasy tale through Goodreads. Mooreeffoc is the first collaboration between Ukrainian author Tetiana Aleksina and Australia’s Tony Single who, together, are the minds behind the popular prose and poetry blog Unbolt. Mooreeffoc shows us a simple coffee shop meeting, but from three perspectives, none of which are as they first appear. The cumulative effect is a great little story that easily surpassed my expectations given its brief eleven page duration. A knowledge of ancient Egyptian deities might have added greater levels of meaning to the characters, but my basic learning didn’t detract from my understanding or enjoyment.

by Stephanie Jane on August 1, 2016


This is writing at its best. I wish it were longer. I read it at least three times to understand it better. Tati as usual is at her best. Waiting for more Tati dear.

on June 10, 2016

A creative twist

I absolutely enjoyed this little twist of fate, so to speak, on what would be an every day occurrence of human coupling. I think this will make my next trip to my favorite coffee house a little more intriguing!

by TheMotherofDragons on June 10,2016

Loved knowing the point of views of the various characters

An intriguing way of telling a story! Loved knowing the point of views of the various characters. Hope the authors plan to make it into a full fledge book as it does leave you asking for a lot!

Wonderful effort!!

by syeda on June 4, 2016

Divine presence intrudes on a coffee house pick-up

This was a trippy short story replaying a pick-up at a coffee house from various perspectives, including the eyes of the two flirting mortals and the gods who haunt each one. It’s an interesting journey into a comparative ‘point of view’ escapade with a man, a woman, and several Egyptian gods all providing their own, somewhat snarky reactions to the encounter. The contrasts between the characters are certainly interesting and the authors provide a nice window into each personality, which is a nice accomplishment in such a short piece. The ending is nicely surprising and entertaining, yielding an overall quick but enjoyable reading experience.

on May 6, 2016

Absolutely AWEsome!

This is a very very impressive piece of writing!! At first I wished it wasn’t so short, but I’m grateful now that I can reread it over and over (discovering more and more) in the time it takes to gain refreshment in a coffee-room being pleased to look at heated steams quite differently…

by M. Spahr on April 30, 2016

Quick and Delightful Read

I love stories like this. I had to read the first page twice as more plot was revealed and I wanted to read again with the new information. The authors created a delightful fantasy world using an everyday situation told through multiple viewpoints. It’s a quick read and highly recommended!

by CVM on April 16, 2016


I loved this short but captivating story. The authors were able to draw you into this mystical world of folklore and magic seamlessly while still leaving you wanting more. I find myself reading this story over and over. I would recommend this to all of my friends.

by Alisha Kendall on April 13, 2016

Hall of mirrors

In just a few pages, the authors create a fascinating alternate reality. Once you’ve finished reading you’ll wonder what’s really happening around you.

by ndsunflower on April 5, 2016

I liked how the story was constructed

A very short story, only 5 minutes to read it, I had to read it 3 times to make sure I understood exactly what was going on. It helps if you know something about Egyptian deities, and I would advise googling them if you don’t, prior to reading. I liked how the story was constructed, and how succinct the writing was. I like fiction that makes you re-read and makes you think. It feels more like an episode or chapter, than a stand alone story, but that means you want to read more! I still have no idea what MOOREEFFOC means though 🙂

by Fraggle on April 2, 2016

Makes sense

The book is short, but to the point.

by Empus on April 1, 2016


I was happy to find this book by some new writers. I won’t give anything away but will say, try it! I loved it!

by Walt on March 26, 2016

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