A Sea Change Involving a Cow

We live in exciting times. Anything can happen. Disease and hunger could be wiped out. War could become a thing of the past. A cow could explode into confetti. The possibilities are endless!

And, lo! We – Tati and Tony – now possess the 3D bioprinting technology. We can make the cow. We can stuff the confetti in it. We can make its bottom erupt in an orgy of colour. Happy days are here at last!

Hm. That could get us into trouble with certain animal rights advocates however, so perhaps we should just write more poetry together instead. We’ve known each other for some time now, and we’ve successfully collaborated on a bunch of stuff. And, hell, we want to do more! And so, without further ado, we make our creative partnership official. From this day forth Tony will be joining forces with Tati on Unbolt Me. Exciting times, yes? And we didn’t even need to blow up a cow. Mabel will be quite relieved…


Yours in perpetuity,
Tati & Tony


© All rights reserved 2015