dream caused by the fate of a plate spinning above a selection of stale pistachio baklava with a wasp buzzing around that i told sigmund freud about during our second session

just look at this zeppelin in the sky
it bears the burden of all my dreams
of clouds made from berries and cream
and coffins of cherries jubilee

it wobbles like a huge cosmic jelly
its five points thrumming with juicy flair
sugar patina wickers soft underbelly
its eyes cry diamond daggers for miles

thick nipples drip mint liquor and ganache
its genitals puffed up like salted pastry
the masterpiece of a mad confectioner
until someone pops it like yesterday’s gum!

Sigmund Freud

© All rights reserved 2023

GUEST POST // The girl who vomited diamonds by Nath B-Side

Nobody saw how special she was
Nobody valued her qualities
Nobody realised her strengths,
Nobody comprehend her speech.

Some people think she was too old to be young.
Some people was sure of that.

Some people wanted to take off her peace.
But peace was her second name.
It was her. Herself.

She wasn’t more special than anybody. She was just different.
Life made her this way
she didn’t know how to be like the others.

While she was walking, thinking, reading …
people …. People was living.
Leaving her alone because they couldn’t understand her.

She was not the best company to celebrate because she wasn’t the happier.
She was a desired company in bed but she prefered to be bad.

While people was having a hangover… She was sleeping and
dreaming she was vomiting diamonds.

© All rights reserved 2020