Collaboration: A Canvas

Method two madness.

I have followed this amazing blog from the very first days of my blogging.
I’m a faithful fan of Kerfe and Nina… two wizards of artworks.

Yes, I do love handicrafts and I can do many things with my hands…
(Oops… don’t let me mention my half-finished scarves and a sweater without sleeves!)

Can you imagine my enthusiasm when I got a letter from Kerfe? No, you can’t! I was truly happy that I could become a part of this creative celebration! WOW! JUST WOW!

Please, enjoy!

It’s worth reading… and to be seen! Don’t miss this blog, guys! I would never cheat you, my dearest Readers, and I’m not going to cheat you this time. It’s really great!

P.S. My personal favorites are mandalas. Stunning, fantastic and unusual mandalas created by Kerfe… OMG! I’m in love! ❤


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method two madness

a canvas s

a Canvas

Its motions are chary and deft.
Stitch by stitch. Right to left.
I’m a warp. You’re a weft.

Time weaves a life canvas…


© All rights reserved 2014

Tetiana Aleksina’s poem of last December proved the perfect muse for an idea I had in the back of my mind at the time.  I arranged and cross-stitched it onto one of the working graphs done during my many years as a knit designer.

I probably have several hundred of these graphs, along with knitted swatch samples, that I haven’t repurposed or discarded yet (I threw out many of the graphs and now I’m regretting it a bit…).  What to do with them?  I’ve made dolls and pillows and masks from the swatches, but haven’t done anything before with the designs on paper.

Tia (aka Unbolt) always provides vivid images in her poetry.  She also enjoys collaborations.  Her poem”A Canvas” takes…

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