the Light-off-House keeper

Do you remember that guy?
Yes, who turned off the lighthouse.
At that time things were awry
and it ended up in the madhouse.

“Birds are better than people.
They can fly and sit on the steeple.”

Then two or three were shipwrecked.
It was in late November…
All appeals were rejected.
I was small, but I still remember.

“Birds are better than people.
They don’t weep. Don’t beg for a nipple.”

I saw his look through the bars.
I read his bloodless parched lips.
“…they fade in the light… like stars…
…lighthouse is evil… full eclipse…”

“Birds are better than people.
They never doubt to kill a cripple.”

James Bond was my cult hero.
(No, not the dolt from the film!)
His books were my ground zero.
Birds became lords in my little realm.

“Birds are better than people…”
I’m the most industrious pupil.

I defeated wicked light.
I secure happy birdlife.
I keep eternal twilight.

Somewhere somebody cries… it’s a sailor’s wife.

* * * * *

This poem definitely was inspired by the amazing poem ‘Le gardien du phare aime trop les oiseaux’ (The Lighthouse Keeper Loves Birds Too Much) by French poet and screenwriter Jacques Prevert and the short animation based on it ‘Farat’ (The Lighthouse) by Bulgarian director Velislava Gospodinova.

I don’t share videos too often, but it’s worth watching.
I hope you’ll enjoy this short masterpiece.

With love,
your Unbolt

‘Le gardien du phare aime trop les oiseaux’
de Jacques Prévert

Des oiseaux par milliers volent vers les feux
Par milliers ils tombent par milliers ils se cognent
Par milliers aveuglés par milliers assommés
Par milliers ils meurent.
Le gardien ne peut supporter des choses pareilles
Les oiseaux il les aime trop
Alors il dit tant pis je m’en fous
Et il éteint tout
Au loin un cargo fait naufrage
Un cargo venant des îles
Un cargo chargé d’oiseaux
Des milliers d’oiseaux des îles
Des milliers d’oiseaux noyés.

© All rights reserved 2015