Love in Ten Sentences

Recently I was challenged… GAH! What shit I wrote!

Recently I was blessedtetra-blessed! Four incredible bloggers, four great poets and four dear friends gave me a chance to participate in the amazing mission – TO SPREAD LOVE

Prakash Hegade (
Aubrey’s Arch (
Prospermind (
Spahr Plops (

Thank you, friends! Of course, I can’t stay aside… I can’t let my blog turn into a cesspool for love! No-no-no! Only lovefalls, lovefountains and loverivers!

I start to splash my love right now!

Hey, Love, don’t take 
it bad. I’m love-protected.
I’m sorry, Love, but
your love-philtre was wasted.
Creeping thyme, foxglove, brandy
and clover don’t work.
Who’d loved, can’t swallow
your illusive love-bait again.

Stop, Love! One moment!
You forgot your gloves…

My favorite quote

“I love you”

(an unknown author)

Beautiful Insanity, 

Into the Forgotten

Strings of Soulfulness

Poetic Depression, 


Reject Reality, 


Henry Game, 


Shawn Worth

Guys, if you meet this wandering Love, please, be kind and good to it! Don’t hurt Love! Write a poem about love and title it ‘Love in Ten Sentences’. It should have 10 lines, each 4 words long. Every line should contain the word ‘love’. At the end of the poem, you should include your favorite quote about love. And then you should invite everyone to join in this holy mission ❤

Well… I won’t detain Love any more. I’ll let it go.

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