just sorry,
for all the confusion I have caused,
for the dilemmas I have brought to you,
and for all the nerves that I have cost.

Mama I am sorry, oh,
for all the weirdness I let through,
for the choices that I poorly chose,
and for all the crazy things that only I would do.

I am sorry everyone,
for all the questions I have asked,
for every time you thought I misbehaved,
or all those playground days you picked me last,
guess I just didn’t pay attention,
or even fell asleep in class during ‘Normal 101’.

I’m sorry world,
for living life the way to make it fun,
for expressing my own happiness,
and all in all for being a piece of work,
that will always stay undone!

Now the one thing I am truly sorry for,
is for the sadness I’ll leave behind,
if my eyes and thoughts should decide one day,
that now it’s time to go blind.

But honey don’t you worry child,
I’ll try to leave this world alive,
and even if I don’t make it dear,
at least I’ve lived a happy life,
although I failed and I just made it halfway through,
you can still tell them my stories,
and let them know about all the crazy things only I would do,
know every time you tell them I’ll be sitting here,
enjoying all my memories with a happy smile,
because it was quite a ride!

I’ll see you in a while!

© All rights reserved 2015