Liebster Blog Award. Hall of Fame. Greet Spahr Plops!


11 exciting answers by Spahr Plops

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1. Can e-readers replace traditional books completely?
-I don’t want the replacement to be complete. I’m not sure if it will ever be absolute, but obviously we’re witnessing a change. I can see major providers offering charging stations and samples to download on modern fancy lounge things while you go up to get coffee or tea. Bring your own tablet or look like the fools in the back of the store hogging wired ones, like old payphones. Maybe.

2. Do your parents read your blog?
-No. I would be shocked if they knew about it. We don’t really talk.

3. What emotion (mood) is the most productive for your creative work?
-Calm, well fed, and ready. Then I sit for a bit.

4. Praise VS Criticism. What is more useful for you?
-I think they’re equal in what they can give to me. Praise gives me confidence which I can use to try and be my best. Criticism gives me insight, which I can use similarly.

5. Will you continue to write even though everybody says, ‘It sucks!’?
-If I didn’t write, I would die much faster. I just wouldn’t share as frequently if I saw that I sucked.

6. Is it hard for you to choose a pseudonym?
-It wasn’t difficult for me. It plopped into my head.

7. Do you want to be famous?
-Don’t think so. Unless it meant money wouldn’t be a worry.

8. Are you afraid of to see your bio on a bookshelf in the nearest bookstore?
-Bio? I would be afraid to see it look thin. Then I would wonder who my stalker was. Yes, I would be afraid.

9. Imagine that you’re on a stage and all your followers are standing in front of you. Is it easy to make a speech in real life?
-I would be nervous, but I wouldn’t want to let any of you down. I’m sure I’d make a fool of myself somehow. Hopefully not too embarrassingly.

10. Should art be an accurate reflection of life?
-Reflections are too relative, what would accurate be to everyone? Reflections also change, what was once accurate to the artist then isn’t always now. Art is a creative outlet shared among communities built around its contributors with an aim to increase some sense or senses of understanding. I don’t want to say it should be anything, but things happen by effect. Those involved in their select sects believe their interests to be an accurate reflection of themselves. Their life. It doesn’t have to be accurate, it’s sorta contrived to be that way.

11. Any random fact about you. Just for fun!
-My favorite animal is a lemur.

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