Day 01

Damn! Quotes are such a tricky thing. Especially ones without a context. I’m always very careful with quotations. Yes, I see a question in your eyes. “Why is she whining here?” It’s easy.

I was recently invited by my friends to take part in the ‘03 days 03 quotes challenge’ party and I said, “YAY! Thank you! Of course, you can count on me!”

Prakash HegadeSheldon Kleeman, Ethel Beckett! 
Thank you, my dear friends!

1) Post 1 quotation a day for 3 days.
2) Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
3) Thank the blogger who nominated you.

But when I started to write my first post for this challenge I realized the scale of my problem. I’ve since changed my mind three times before opening my rough draft dated June 27 to write these lines.

Of course, it’s not a big deal to find some cool quotes from some cool famous guys and be happy with my own coolness. I even spent about an hour searching for them. But then I suddenly understood that hiding behind other people’s famous words isn’t something that I consider a really cool thing. That was my first thought.

My second thought was to use my own quotes from my various essays and poems. It’s not very modest but at least I could always take responsibility for this bullshit. I’m glad that I didn’t start to do this because I liked my third thought much more…

I don’t want to use famous quotes. I don’t want to use my quotes. My friends! My community! My dearest Writers and Readers! Let me use your quotes!

I was nominated three times, so I will take three quotes and their authors will be my nominees. All agree? Excellent! Let’s go!

Grandpa asked why
I talked to his veggies
said I didn’t know
Didn’t know
how to say
Veggies don’t hurt me

Michael Spahr, ‘Grandpa Had A Garden’

One day,
when it’s time for me to go,
I won’t cry.
I will look back on all these days I got to spend,
and I will smile.
I’ll be glad that I’ve had the chance,
to be alive,
and all in all,
that I’ve lived
a pretty good life.

PROSPERMIND, ‘A pretty good life’

Writers write for they are egomaniacs,
A fancy poem our soul’s aphrodisiac.
Spinning words, the most heinous temptation,
Desperation for eternity our only salvation.

Obsidian Visionary, ‘Writer’s Dissolution’

Hmmm… Yes!
The end.

© All rights reserved 2015

Liebster Blog Award. Let’s fly with me!

These beasts of onyx despise cowards
only to the brave, knowledge it shall pass onwards
approach the deity only if you are not craven
for you might have to face an Unkindness of Ravens

(An Unkindness of Ravens by the amazing Obsidian Visionary)

Kraaaaa! Kraaaaa!
Damn… Hello!Can you believe that not only pigeons deliver welcome letters? I swear, ravens are completely competitive in such matters! Why am I so sure? Because some weeks ago I got an amazing message, and it was brought by… drumroll… The Darkest Raven! Yes, my dear feathery friends, I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by my mysterious friend Raven. And I’m going to accept this nomination!11 questions… 11 facts… Uff! Really sweaty work! It’s nice that birds can’t sweat… Hmmm… or can they? No, no, I’m just kidding. Birds don’t have sweat glands. OK. Let’s fly!

I. Questions for me

01. Why did you start blogging? I felt that it was time to leave my nest.
02. What inspired or influence you to write? A blank sheet, an inkstand and the white feather which rested near.
03. What are three things you can’t live without? The sunny sky. The cloudy sky. The stormy sky.
04. What (other) talents do you have? I can teach you how to fly without wings.
05. What is your favorite post you’ve written? (Don’t forget to include the link.) Dedication on my blog.
06. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Huginn and Muninn.
07. If money were no object, what would you do all day? I would play ‘hide-and-seek’ among the clouds.
08. What has been your biggest challenge? When I was pretending to be a song bird.
09. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? And why? I would learn how to seem like a birdbrain’… Sometimes it’s pretty useful.
10. What makes you smile? Penguins skating on ice.
11. What is your most memorable moment in your life? My first flight.

II. Facts about me

I have 1 beak; 2 wings; 3 fingers on every wing; 4-chamber heart; 5 anterior air sacs; 6 thousand feathers; 7 music notes in my hoarse songs; 8 dozen hues of grey on my plumage; 9 cervical vertebrae; 10 doubts that I didn’t get confused with these facts; 11 primaries.

III. My nominees

Who? What a silly question! Of course, all birds that I met on WP! (Pepperanne! Ry! My dearest ‘birds of a feather’! I know, you’re flying very highly and quickly! If you notice this post… suddenly… you’re my first nominees!) OK! My flock…

02. A Blind Bird
03. Strangetinybird
05. Halcyon Phoenix
07. the crow reborn
08. The Owl’s Wise Eyes
10. Love and Feathers

IV. My questions

01. Donald Duck or Woody Woodpecker?
02. Swan Lake (ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky) or Black Swan (film by Darren Aronofsky)?
03. Harpies or Gryphons?
04. Angry Birds (puzzle video game) or Birds of Steel (combat flight simulator video game)?
05. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (books by Selma Lagerlof) or Duck Tales (cartoons by Disney)?
06. Dove of Peace (sketch by Pablo Picasso) or Swans Reflecting Elephants (painting by Salvador Dali)?
07. Blackbird (song by The Beatles) or White Bird (song by Sam Bush)?
08. Captain Jack Sparrow or Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico (The Penguins of Madagascar)?
09. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (novel by Ken Kesey) or To Kill a Mockingbird (novel by Harper Lee)?
10. Raphinae or Phorusrhacos?
11. The Raven (poem by Edgar Allan Poe) or The Birds (film by Alfred Hitchcock)?

V. Rules (the most boring part, isn’t it?) So, it’s only your free will…

Accept / Not accept this nomination.
Paste / Not paste the Liebster logo onto your blog.
Link back / Not link back me.
Answer / Not answer my questions.
List / Not list 11 facts about yourself.
Nominate / Not nominate 11 other blogs.
List / Not list 11 questions for your nominees.
Inform / Not inform your nominees by leaving a comment.

Is all of this clear? Cool! Mission over, mission done. I fly away… Catch up with me!

© All rights reserved 2014

One Lovely Blog Award. A bit of magic and the Russian Roulette!

Hey there!

I’m sure you forgot about this awesome fact… Didn’t you? But I didn’t forget! Yes, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award 10 days ago! I’m immensely grateful for Jacob Lascsak (Serpentine is Here) for this nomination. And I must earn this sweet vermilion heart on my main page. OK… Let’s go, guys!

7 facts or things about me.

Hmmm… The most difficult part probably. My blog is a place for my writings, not for my private… but OK! Rules are rules. I adopted this nomination and I must play it straight. Enjoy!

1) I was born on Yuri’s Night.
Of course, I wanted to become an astronaut (a cosmonaut) in my childhood.

2) I wear sneakers with the characters from Toy Story’.
Hey, Rex and Potato Head! How are you today, guys?

3) I jumped with a parachute.
4,200 meters (it’s approximately 14,000 feet) and 1 minute of free fall… AAAAAAAAAAA! It was devilishly awesome!

4) I might have drowned in my childhood because of my parents.
Hey! Never leave your little kids with an air mattress alone on the bank! I decided that I was a cool sea captain and that I could reach the horizon…

5) I don’t use smartphones.
I really don’t need it… I use my cell-phone only for calls and SMS. My good old Nokia 6300 copes with this just perfectly!

6) I’m an agnostic.
At least, in this particular point of space and time, I feel so.

7) I practice yoga.
Regularly for about 4 years… Yes, I can do a lot of interesting things with my body… but the most interesting is what I can do with my mind.

8) I don’t remember…
Heeeeey! Stop! You’ve got 7 things about me already!

15 bloggers I admire.

I admire… I admire… field of thorns, 21 Shades of Blue, Strings of Soulfulness, Spahr Plops, Northern Nevermore, MEN HEAL, raycabiro… lordwalt, my light angel.

My dearest writers and readers! I’m thankful that you find time for reading, liking and commenting on my blog! Guys, you know how I admire you! I hope you feel it too. All my nominations, that exist and don’t exist, I devote to you. But… sorry for my adventurism. I hope I’ll not offend you. Today I decided to save you precious time. I decided to save you precious time for reading, liking and commenting on my blog. Well… just kidding! Of course, I’m looking forward to your new posts, and I decided to keep your precious time for them!

And… I’ve decided to play Russian Roulette. I’ll put a secret word as a tag and press ‘Search’. The first 15 posts that I like… and their authors will be my candidates. OK… I’m ready to surprise and to be surprised. Fire!

01) Alice Keys (
02) Celtic Poet (
03) Crumble Cult (
04) Fragile And Strong (
05) Frânturi (
06) Helenvalentina (
07) In Flow (
08) Metemphysics (
09) Method Two Madness (
10) Mindlovemisery (
11) Onceness (
12) Sick And Sick Of It (
13) Some Call It Red (
14) Sometimesihatemycat (
15) The Darkest Raven’s Blog (

Ufff… I’ve finished. I didn’t anticipate that it would be so hard but I’m happy I did this. And now this sweet vermilion heart on my main page is rightfully mine! OMG! Almost forgot! The rules for my candidates!

01) Think, ‘Damn! Unbolt… Who is this?’ and thank me for this award.
02) Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your blog.
03) Share 7 facts about yourself.
04) Nominate 15 bloggers and let them know about this nomination.

Now that’s all… Yes, indeed!

© All rights reserved 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Good news! I was honored by Jacob Lascsak’s (Serpentine is Here) nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award. And I really, really appreciate it! I know, some bloggers don’t accept such awards. I’ve read their posts, their very reasonable and rational posts… It’s a point of view, and it’s a really good thing.

I accept awards. Why? Because it’s something important for the particular person, who reads my blog, who thinks of me and nominates me. So, it’s important for me too. When a child gives me a twig and says it’s a magic wand… I never say it’s just a wet dirty stick. I never say it’s just trash. I take it and start to conjure.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (Albert Einstein)

Thank you so much, Jacob! Let’s play with magic! By the way… nobody said that I’m a fairy godmother.

© All rights reserved 2014