36 thoughts on “Unbolt

  1. I love your blog presentation for its originality with the concept of Unbolt.To me it shows a box of surprises for all of us, viewers and readers. The 4-line poem on this page is very lovely with the images of teaching a person how to fly, to unbolt and untie oneself. To me this simbolizes each human being’s freedom to create, to be a little artist/writer even if it is just at a very modest level. Aren’t we all little talents in this world? The last line “I leave… Do you cry?!” seems to tell us we have to accept losing someone. We might cry, obviously, but we have to learn to let go and be grateful for what we have learnt with the people we have lost. They have shown us how to fly and now we can show others to do so as well. Thank you for letting us share your wonderful project!

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