GUEST POST // The Wooden King by Obsidian Visionary

Crown of moss upon an oaken head,
Streaks of starlight woven in a thread.
Darkness engulfs his city of thieves,
Soon he too shall sprout blood red leaves.
Like an age old elm tree, roots he shall sprout,
Turned into a mighty tree preserved even from drought.
The Wooden King shall pay for his ghastly sins,
For in the end Karma always wins.

© All rights reserved 2015

Day 01

Damn! Quotes are such a tricky thing. Especially ones without a context. I’m always very careful with quotations. Yes, I see a question in your eyes. “Why is she whining here?” It’s easy.

I was recently invited by my friends to take part in the ‘03 days 03 quotes challenge’ party and I said, “YAY! Thank you! Of course, you can count on me!”

Prakash HegadeSheldon Kleeman, Ethel Beckett! 
Thank you, my dear friends!

1) Post 1 quotation a day for 3 days.
2) Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
3) Thank the blogger who nominated you.

But when I started to write my first post for this challenge I realized the scale of my problem. I’ve since changed my mind three times before opening my rough draft dated June 27 to write these lines.

Of course, it’s not a big deal to find some cool quotes from some cool famous guys and be happy with my own coolness. I even spent about an hour searching for them. But then I suddenly understood that hiding behind other people’s famous words isn’t something that I consider a really cool thing. That was my first thought.

My second thought was to use my own quotes from my various essays and poems. It’s not very modest but at least I could always take responsibility for this bullshit. I’m glad that I didn’t start to do this because I liked my third thought much more…

I don’t want to use famous quotes. I don’t want to use my quotes. My friends! My community! My dearest Writers and Readers! Let me use your quotes!

I was nominated three times, so I will take three quotes and their authors will be my nominees. All agree? Excellent! Let’s go!

Grandpa asked why
I talked to his veggies
said I didn’t know
Didn’t know
how to say
Veggies don’t hurt me

Michael Spahr, ‘Grandpa Had A Garden’

One day,
when it’s time for me to go,
I won’t cry.
I will look back on all these days I got to spend,
and I will smile.
I’ll be glad that I’ve had the chance,
to be alive,
and all in all,
that I’ve lived
a pretty good life.

PROSPERMIND, ‘A pretty good life’

Writers write for they are egomaniacs,
A fancy poem our soul’s aphrodisiac.
Spinning words, the most heinous temptation,
Desperation for eternity our only salvation.

Obsidian Visionary, ‘Writer’s Dissolution’

Hmmm… Yes!
The end.

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // Tessellate by Obsidian Visionary

Change your very being to blend in
Not be colorful while the rest have pale skin
Ignore the crow’s calling to sleep with doves
Maybe then you will find true love.

Love of being accepted into to the idea of Propriety,
Bearing the dark mark of a disheveled society
Vanish into the constant pattern of in-numerous nobody’s
Trapped in the array, mind fervently fuzzy.

Cut the sides, smooth the edges
To fit right in, resignation you must pledge.
The fear of being an outcast far too great
Sink into the mould as triangles tessellate.

Is this the wondrous utopia you had dreamt ?
An atrocious life where you are unnaturally bent.
Maybe you were never meant to fit the “mould”
But instead to be your true motley of silver and gold.

© All rights reserved 2015

GUEST POST // Inventing Shadows by Obsidian Visionary

A walking corpse filled with anguish and dread,
The sign of a soul that has too often been bled.
Why would his bright light simply burn out?
Possibly because he is damaged throughout.

Eyes once shined with the innocence of youth,
Now doused by the creeping melancholy of untruth.
Dark and twisted, the only facets of his character,
A battle to the finish where he is not the victor.

Everyday going through the same arduous motions,
Lacking steady faith or unmatched devotion.
He is but a shadow, a stigma on our society
Craving a full blown invasion of privacy.

Exist he does but on a whole other plane,
Stuck on this bleak level, bound by chain.
Creating a shadow but never to leave a mark,
Not on our lives but only in the dark.

© All rights reserved 2014

Liebster Blog Award. Hall of Fame. Greet Obsidian Visionary!


11 brilliant answers by Obsidian Visionary

(original version is here)

1. Can e-readers replace traditional books completely?
– I highly doubt anything can replace the feel, taste and smell of a ‘traditional’ book.

2. Do your parents read your blog?
– No actually they don’t. They used to read my previous blog, but as of now, this new blog is unknown to everyone in my personal life and hopefully someday I’ll show them this one too.

3. What emotion (mood) is the most productive for your creative work?
– Sadness, Anger and Hope.

4. Praise VS Criticism. What is more useful for you?
-Criticism, but with a dash of praise just to feed my ever hungry ego.

5. Will you continue to write even though everybody says, ‘It sucks!’?
– Yes. No doubt about it.

6. Is it hard for you to choose a pseudonym?
– Considering the fact that I’ve always worked under a pen name it would surprise you to know that I actually spent days thinking of “Obsidian Visionary’ before I actually decided to use it.

7. Do you want to be famous?
– Right now? No. In the future? Possibly.

8. Are you afraid of to see your bio on the bookshelf in the nearest bookstore?
– Terrified.

9. Imagine that you’re on the stage and all your followers are standing in front of you. Is it easy to make a speech in real life?
– No it isn’t. Words come easier to me behind the safety of my screen.

10. Should art be an accurate reflection of life?
– Isn’t it already?

11. Any random fact about you. Just for fun!
– I listen to Lana Del Rey’s songs when I’m sad. Odd. But yes, it is true.

© All rights reserved 2014