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11 brilliant answers by Obsidian Visionary

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1. Can e-readers replace traditional books completely?
– I highly doubt anything can replace the feel, taste and smell of a ‘traditional’ book.

2. Do your parents read your blog?
– No actually they don’t. They used to read my previous blog, but as of now, this new blog is unknown to everyone in my personal life and hopefully someday I’ll show them this one too.

3. What emotion (mood) is the most productive for your creative work?
– Sadness, Anger and Hope.

4. Praise VS Criticism. What is more useful for you?
-Criticism, but with a dash of praise just to feed my ever hungry ego.

5. Will you continue to write even though everybody says, ‘It sucks!’?
– Yes. No doubt about it.

6. Is it hard for you to choose a pseudonym?
– Considering the fact that I’ve always worked under a pen name it would surprise you to know that I actually spent days thinking of “Obsidian Visionary’ before I actually decided to use it.

7. Do you want to be famous?
– Right now? No. In the future? Possibly.

8. Are you afraid of to see your bio on the bookshelf in the nearest bookstore?
– Terrified.

9. Imagine that you’re on the stage and all your followers are standing in front of you. Is it easy to make a speech in real life?
– No it isn’t. Words come easier to me behind the safety of my screen.

10. Should art be an accurate reflection of life?
– Isn’t it already?

11. Any random fact about you. Just for fun!
– I listen to Lana Del Rey’s songs when I’m sad. Odd. But yes, it is true.

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