GUEST POST // Self Eat by Spahr Plops

Normally remedy
But today
decided eating myself
was more interesting

Melty brain
made the chair, air
Could feel
my body protesting
till weakening

I don’t meditate
though pretty sure
when I ate
from an empty gut
I was
traveling across
mood shifts
and hunger spikes
striking against
my being
curiously punishing

Skipping lunch
carries much
loosely, groovy
throughout waves
without creative aim

each trippy
(before painful
always stemming
from single source
screaming, “Feed me!”

Don’t want to fall
down stairs
Then while ingesting
first thing (an apple)
I begin to feel dumb

Many others starve
due to evil
I experimented
(couple hours or so)
because I found meditation

© All rights reserved 2014

4 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Self Eat by Spahr Plops

  1. Thanks Unbolt!!! 🙂
    It’s an absolute honor to have a guest post here among your fantastically inventive works of art! It was also quite the surprise! What made you go with this one?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow… How many compliments 🙂
      Thank you, I feel flattered!
      I’m happy that I have opportunity to read and to share your incredible writings!! And… why did I choose this verse? Hmm… probably because (hey! I love all your stuff!) this one just stuck in my memory… I feel an inner connection with this verse…

      Liked by 1 person

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