The first one lost his wing in a fire.
The second one – because of the car crash.
They both were ordered to retire.
They could rest and get the layoff pay in cash.

But… Every, every fucking day
The amputees hug and become dipterous.
They soar in the sky, keep an eye, curse and pray…
They’re on duty. Guardian angels never are ‘EX -’

© All rights reserved 2014

37 thoughts on “Two-winged

  1. Yesterday, this song was playing on the radio and while I was driving down a long silent road in the sunset, I listened closely to the lyrics when you popped into my head all of a sudden.. I had to think of your piece here.
    Here’s the song that sparked my train of thought:

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    • I’m deeply touched… Really. If I popped up into your head with this song… Well… It’s the best association that I could dream!

      I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream.

      We’ll cross the stream – we have a dream.

      Are you with me?

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  2. Angels becoming one and whole again, Angels who have no choice.
    Angels will break there beak and bone again,
    And die, we hear no noise.

    You inspired that out of me. Reading your posts stoke the muse of fire within.
    Thank you

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    • all right, that’s what I get for typing all my comments on my dumb “smart”phone.. they really should consider calling them dumbphone! 🙂

      …Guardian Angel, what an honorable and graceful being. Do you believe they truly exist? I believe so. I wonder if we ever see them, maybe they are some random stranger on the street bumping into us, preventing us so from walking around without paying attention or maybe they come to us in our dreams and we don’t even realize it, sending us messages we need. Or maybe they are the voice we all hear inside us, the voice giving us advice, guiding us.. truly magical and ispiring creatures these guardian angels! 😉

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    • Yes, I do believe. Silly, yes? 😉
      A smart girl believes in different bullshit 🙂
      But some moments in my life were pretty eloquent…

      Thank you for your comments! They’re incredible!
      You’re incredible! ❤

      (Dumbphone! LOL! Exactly!)

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