40 thoughts on “a Note

  1. This one leaves me feeling two different emotions. On the one hand I feel a touch of seriousness, and on the other hand I feel a touch of playfulness. Your poem conveys both of these so well! (Also, it reminds me of a time when I was a child and I tried to cut my own hair. When I realised what a bad job of it I’d done, I hid the cut off hair behind a chest of drawers. My fringe was so uneven that my mother knew straight away what I had done!) 😛

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    • LOL!
      ‘Small children’ means ‘small problems’… all is a bit complicated with big children, yes? 😉
      I love your mixed reaction and feelings, Tony… the best reaction, actually. Thank you 🙂

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  2. unbolt I’m not sure if this is too much to ask but would you mind texting me ꒰´•௰•` ꒱ ( with any social media of any sort ) bc I desperately need help with poem writing for my school. it is regarding things in my community between 50-80 words and I would appreciate if you can lend me a hand.thanks a whole lot

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    • Thank you, John!

      Holdfény alatt járom az erdőt.
      Vacog a fogam s fütyörészek.
      Hátam mögött jön tíz-öles,
      Jó Csönd-herceg
      És jaj nekem, ha visszanézek.
      Oh, jaj nekem, ha elnémúlnék,
      Vagy fölbámúlnék, föl a Holdra:
      Egy jajgatás, egy roppanás.
      Jó Csönd-herceg
      Nagyot lépne és eltiporna.

      (Jó Csönd-herceg előtt by Ady Endre)

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  3. My Dearest Hatter, how do you manage to do this? I know you use the tweezers, but OMG, this took my breath away, stunning! I have read it many times now, and with each pass, it challenges my mind, sending it in another direction. This is most thought provoking, it has sense of attachment and detachment at the same time, at least for me. Wow, fantastic!

    Alice ♥

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