On Noon No ~ The ‘Well… what does it all mean?’ collaboration

Dammit, I’m mad!

And there are really many reasons to be mad about Tony…

…the first one is Crumble Cult.
…the second one is ONCE MORE, WITH FOREBODING.

The third… The fourth… The hell with it! I don’t need so many! There is only a single reason for me… It’s Tony Single!

Thank you, Tony…


Our end began with weaponised words,
bashing the chest like a thousand rolling-pins
on sourdough heart and bone.

Of course, you had a dim foreboding.
Crunch of parchment. Red saffron underfoot.
A marble chopping stone.

I plated myself up for disappointment.
A corrugated brow. Cold hearth and home.
You meant for me to die alone!

You always were flippant and presumptuous.
You estimated our life by eye
and borrowed a swollen loan.

Arugula words were all I tasted from you.
You were east of the sun then west of the moon.
I hardly knew where to point the bone.

Blah… The next pathetic maggot holds forth on stars…
You fought for that last stool on the cheap row
and lost a stage with the vacant throne!

Fine then. I know when I’m royally licked.
Someone gets me a psychotherapist.
Vagina dentata! My ardour has blown!

Lick-time is over. My Symplegades clash.
The dry pillar of Pompey engorges.
The end begins… and ends. Bring a blank die-stone!


© All rights reserved 2015

45 thoughts on “On Noon No ~ The ‘Well… what does it all mean?’ collaboration

    • Awww… thank you, Michael!
      Don’t worry! All guests went home, but I left a big piece of the pie for you ❤

      I'm happy that you liked…
      I guess, I worry about my collaborations much more than about my solo poems 🙂

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    • If only worry could be wished away. I don’t think you need to about anything you pen, you’re terrific. Every time reading one of your works, the lights in the room seem to get brighter. It’s like you can manipulate sensitivity (is the NWO is supplying you with magic?)

      Liked by 2 people

    • ❤ ❤ ❤
      Thank you, Michael!
      That's good that I've got such powerful fuses from the Department of AC/DC! Because my spotlights are melting from your comments… I'm overcurrented!
      It's almost a short circuit!

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  1. Wow, fantastic collaboration! I hope to see you and Tony work on more collaborations together, just wonderful! Such clever word play! Strong emotions and strong words, or should I say daggers? Flows beautifully!

    Alice ♥

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  2. So much to love, from “arugala words” to the “dry pillar of Pompeii engorges”, this was pure energy. By far, however, the most memorable moment is “Vagina dentata! My ardour has blown!” I’m trying to figure out how to work that into conversation.

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  3. Oh my gosh, this was awesome, had me cracking up! Witty as hell! And you revealed your name! You spelled it differently than you told me it was though! I won’t presume it was an accidental mispelling, but an attempt to throw off google searches for your information! Anyways, great Word-play-script. Fun-fun dry -humor! 😀

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    • I know! Dry humor is a riot! Not literally though, it’s actually pretty low-key. lol Great poem Tony!

      I loved this:

      “You fought for the last stool on the cheap row
      and lost a stage with the vacant throne!”

      It’s extra funny, as stool can mean a toilet, or be used in the sense of a stool sample. I pictured someone trying to wrestle out a butt baby, and it being like a stage, as everyone in the restroom heard it, and the little fudge dumpling missing the thin white arms of the porcelain midwife! Or, simply fighting a losing battle for a place to poo. Multiple ways to interpret it. lol

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    • And this is the beauty of writing poetry. Everyone reads something different into it, and your take is quite brilliant! Tati wrote the two lines you referenced, and I remember giggling like an idiot when I first read them. I can see now why you love collaborating with her too. It’s an absolute joy, yes? (Oh, and hey, it’s such a pleasure to meet you, Ryan!) 😀

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    • RY, THANK YOU! ❤

      If you were near me, I would hug you!! You made my day with your comments! 🙂
      I was pretty improvident and decided to glance at my notifications section at my working time… It was a great mistake!! I BURST! I couldn't restrain my loud laugh and my colleague was VERY surprised… I'm a very undemonstrative person, especially at work.
      I was giggling the whole day 😀

      Well… my name. The first time I printed my real name below my poem (Tony convinced me… Thank you, Tony 😛 ) It was the very strange feeling… to see my name there 🙂
      And sorry for this little confusion, I didn't want to confuse you! It's just different variants of transliterating my name.
      I live in the region where people use Russian for communication mostly, though all official documents are drawn up in Ukrainian.

      Tatiana (Tatyana) is an equivalent of the Russian variant 'Татьяна'
      Tetiana is the Ukrainian 'Тетяна'
      So, I published my official Ukrainian name, how it's written on my legal documents.

      Did you google me? 😛

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    • lol no, I didn’t! I won’t, so I have no idea if anything shows up. I don’t google friends, it seems unnatural to look into the background of friends without them knowing. I ask questions if there’s something I really want to know, as you know 🙂

      Sorry I caused you a giggle fit at work, though I’m sure that would have been pretty funny to see and hear!

      I get the variant of names, my nickname Ry, can be spelled Ry or Rai in Japanese. I actually am working on finishing up a post where I play on the Rai spelling! Taking a break to catch up on comments before I post it though!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I know, Ry… It was just a silly joke.
      I appreciate your sincerity and I’m sure that you never do something behind a back.

      Your post is great… but your comment below is stunning.
      It’s easy to feel… but hard to comment.
      It’s something… that makes us people.
      Thank you for reminding that we’re alive still, my dear sensitive Rhino ❤

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    • Thanks Unbolt, you are a true friend. I’m amazed that I have a group of people I fit in with, I’d always wanted to be in a creative community with interesting people, as people around where I live can be pretty boring, predictable and uncreative! The internet lets us creative people connect from all over the world 😀

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    • Thank you, Ry!

      Yes, the internet is a big stinky rubbish heap mostly… just a collector for human faeces. But the luckiest people can find a real pearl amongst a pile of fakes! 😉

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