28 thoughts on “Laughable

    • So… it looks like we have to compose a questionnaire for testers of EOSFA. The Lord of the Under-World-Wear wants to get feedback…

      How do you think, Alice, we should use the ‘bubble sort’, the ‘pancake sort’ (by the way, do you want chocolate pancakes, Alice?)… or the ‘gnome sort’ for the primary data processing?

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    • Perhaps for the EOSFAs we should use the “pancake sort”, size may be a variable, and we may need to be able to inset into the stack of data. Especially, as we are still determining the radioactive efficiency of the EOSFAs. As you know Sir Tony, our loyal double-crossing double-crosser was instructed to double upon the wearing of the EOSFAs. His member seems to be resistant to the effects of the EOSFAs.

      Perhaps when we start to compose a questionnaire for the testers of our push-up device we should use the “gnome sort” I know it to be less efficient, but perhaps since we are using a much smaller control group it will work to our advantage.

      Hum, let’s hold off on the chocolate for today, I’ve been having bad dreams of only having three teeth! I know we never consume lab chocolate, but if it’s all the same to you lets have the peanut butter pancakes today, what do you think?

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    • Wow! Incredible! Alice, that’s a very good point!
      And you’re right, we shouldn’t be limited only the one method!

      Hmmm… should we fry our analyzed stuff before sorting?
      Should buttocks be burnt a bit for the most accurate results?

      I worry about our push-up device… but the peanut butter is an excellent current-carrying conductor!
      It can help to learn the truth!

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    • As we learned in N.W.O. Training, methodology is critical. To prove and re-prove a theory or experiment is essential, so yes, two methods, most important.

      Yes and Yes! Fried and burnt, we need the most accurate results for the Lord of the Under-World-Wear. Fortunately radioactive fabric is wonderful at providing fried and burnt!

      Please don’t worry about the push-up device, our number one volunteer, Sir Tony is so addicted to the laboratory chocolate that even if you are concerned about the excruciating pain due to the current, I’m sure he will be more distracted by the peanut butter. Win-win for us, right? Truth should be on the horizon.

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    • You in the N.W.O. are like gods. No… like goddesses! And I cower before you, aware of all the things you could do to harm me! But, you are also keepers of the chocolate, so against my better judgement I stay. 😛

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    • Sir Tony, did you say “JUDGEMENT”, we will excuse you this time, good thing you are cowering, please make note that the only judging will come from the Goddess herself, not only is she the Ruler of The N.W.O., we have found an error in that book, oh what is it called? You know the one, well anyway, we are working furiously to get that corrected as well, it seems they were four key strokes short, it should read Goddess!

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    • Cowering? Cowering?!
      Sir Tony! Where is the Push-Up Device that you’ve got from us?!

      There’s the bill of lading #8633666-19XX DD Feb 1, 2015!
      There’s your sticky signature with the chocolate fingerprint!
      Is it yours? Yes!

      You can’t imagine how it’s expensive! You can’t imagine!
      Only 0.5 gr. of californium-252 costs like the Zodiac airplane!
      So… Are you cowering still?

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    • Well maybe devotion will improve once that book is corrected, oh please forgive me I keep forgetting the name of that damn thing!

      I think it’s the scabies nibblers that are responsible for the missing guinea pigs. I saw one of those probed women in the hall and she flashed me her toothless gummy smile while wiping her mouth. Oh, thank goodness we are on the right side! Oh yes, double “yuk”.

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    • OMG! Probed women with toothless gummy smile!!

      It’s unbelievable! I can’t hide such important facts from the world community! I must call Mr. Booboo!!
      He’s the best protection specialist of guinea pigs from gummy smiles!!

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    • OMG! LOL! Mr. Booboo, looks quite innocent, however you are so right, I saw him bite off an arm at the elbow. Probed woman tried to put him in her mouth, lucky she still has a face! We salvaged the arm, and fortunately our Robotics Department was so excited, they were drooling to get a hold of severed arm!

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    • Yes, nobody should be under a delusion about Mr. Booboo!
      I’ve heard (it’s, of course, silly gossips, but there is no smoke without fire) that little Tommy of Torquemada was the favorite pupil of Mr. Booboo!

      Oh… these idiots from Robotics Department! They always cause short circuit because can’t control salivation process!

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    • Yes, thank you for reminding me of Little Tommy, he excelled at his studies! Number one student in fact! Few will ever match his brilliance, and all thanks to Mr. Booboo, a genius I tell you, a genius!

      Dental Department has developed a catch all for salivating lab techs in the Robotics Department. Who in the HR Department has been responsible for the hiring in Robotics? Do we need to do some house cleaning? We are not being cost efficient, developing products for our own staff, ridiculous. This must change, let’s see if we can address this before the Lord of the Under-World-wear becomes aware, of the unnecessary expenditure.

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