I walked down the street.
Nice weather and blah-blah-blah…
I didn’t hurry.

“Hey! Excellent news!
Today you’ve got a great chance
to arrive at God!”

A woman… she seemed…
ahem… slightly motheaten.
Yes, inside and out.

“Do you mean me? No…
I prefer a private chat.”
A low joke, I know.

She muttered, “Lost sheep.”
I hate mutters at my back…
I didn’t hurry.

“10 minutes for you.
And then 10 minutes for me.
The clock is ticking!”

I listened to her.
Her motheaten preachments.
Whole 10 minutes. (Yawn.)

My turn. “Go, ma’am, go!”
This is my favorite roof,
my favorite time.

7.59PM. A sunset.
“Don’t worry… I’ll hold your hand…
Well… Are you ready?”

…the bare sky poured down
the liquid sun on our heads.
We were light-spattered.

The Revelation.
Her books were scattered. They looked
poorly, quite grotesque…

“Did you petrify?!
Open your arms if you want the Beloved’s embrace!
God arrived at us…”

© All rights reserved 2015

36 thoughts on “Arriving

  1. I almost felt dumb after reading this coz I didn’t understand. I re read it. I’m not sure if I still understand. But it’s very thought provoking. 🙂

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    • Oops! Sorry, Eleanor!
      Thank you for this amazing comment! Now I feel dumb and ashamed 🙂
      Yes, sometimes my friends admonish me to be more clear. I often let off a final result in my poetry and omit all intermediates of my thoughts… Let me make you talkative again! 😛

      So, what I wanted to say here.
      God (sorry, I’m not too sure that it’s a good appellation, but we used to this name) doesn’t live in churches and books. We can’t become more close to God by visiting a certain house or reading a certain book. Our world is a great temple. Every sunrise and sunset, every sunny and rainy day, the change of seasons… we just should open our hearts and become a part of this miracle…

      Yuck… I feel awkward and pompous 😛
      I realize, it’s not the best topic for discussions. I wouldn’t want to be involved in religious debates. I just express what I feel… It was good or bad… I don’t know. I just do what I can and try to do my best.

      My warmest wishes to you, Eleanor!
      Thank you again!
      Your Unbolt ❤

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    • Dear Unbolt,
      There is no need for you to feel awkward or pompous or anything else like that. I understood it the first time and now I feel less dumb for it. You just confirmed it, so, thank you so much for that.
      As for what you meant, I agree with you and I disagree with you. By that I mean, yes, God is not in churches or books etc. But having said that, that is the truth for you and me. For some, God is in churches and books and other things like that. It’s easier and tangible I suppose. See, I believe everyone has a different relationship with God. It’s as unique as you having a relationship with your father and your sibling having a different kind of relationship. Essentially we are all unique. The only problem is that some see their way as the only way. And that’s where the trouble begins.
      Now I have rambled on for quite some time. Oops.
      You did great on this one too. Have a nice day.
      My warmest wishes to you as well.
      Take care,

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    • Oh… ‘The only problem is that some see their way as the only way. And that’s where the trouble begins’ You summed up this just brilliant!
      Thank you! You’re amazing! ❤

      And… you made me curious now 😛
      May I ask you? Romanov.
      What is this? A surname? A nickname? I burn from curiosity! ^^’

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    • LOLOLOLOL! Edwin!!

      Do you think that I would spend my precious evening for such a tribute? Yuck! No… Generally, I’m protected from different ‘witnesses’ by my current hairstyle (in front) and my torn jeans (in back). I’m a hopeless ‘lost sheep’ on default. Though, yes, sometimes I keep my hood up… and get such ‘excellent’ news.

      Of course, not Jehovah’s Witnesses… it was my tribute to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster 😛

      P.S. Awwww… a lovely sunset was yesterday!! ❤

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    • Sunset is always lovely.

      However, there is always something sad about sunset. You find yourself trying to catch it, trying to hold the colors and the mood in your mind, but you never can.

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    • Oh, thank you, Aquileana ❤
      I can't say that I feel very comfortably on this territory… but sometimes I just can't keep silent. I'm happy that you loved this poem. Thank you for your lovely words and your thoughtful attitude!
      Take care and have a great weekend!
      Warm hugs, your Tati

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    • Oh, Shalilah… and now you made me very happy! ❤

      Thank you! And I'm sorry for my question! I remember a funny case when a missed comma in the question made me absolutely bewildered 😛
      But I remember some NOT too funny cases also… So, it's better to look silly than to look rude or scornful, isn't it?

      Please, take care and have a great Sunday!
      Yours, Unbolt


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