Preparations for spring

My heart was heavy.
It was filled with motley junk.
Love, hate, sympathy…

I made a spring-clean.
I threw away all garbage.
I feel spring lightness.
My heart soars above my head
like a lovely red balloon.


© All rights reserved 2015

61 thoughts on “Preparations for spring

  1. This is where I am at rite now only it’s not spring,I am trying to see the
    Red balloon over my head but all I see or feel is lose
    It’s like I still want the garbage
    I like that rotten smell
    Especially on a hot day when the trash begins to cook
    God I wish I had an answer
    I’ll guess I’ll keep waiting for that red balloon
    As always Sheldon

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheldon… my dear Sheldon! It’s not you who keeps this balloon. It’s the balloon keeps you with stranglehold. Just cut… cut this rope. Otherwise you can become a prey of this wicked rubber thing.


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