34 thoughts on “Lightness of being

    • Thank you, my dear Aquileana, for this beautiful comment!
      You’re absolutely right! Oh, being alive… how it’s hard sometimes ❤

      My warmest wishes,
      your Tatiana

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  1. You wrote a Shadorma! Grand job! I love the word “commiserates”, there’s a song called “All The Small Things” that has the word “commiserating” in it, that I like, that I actually listened to earlier today as a creative catalyst for part 2 of my story!

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    • Ry, thank you! I really liked the Shadorma form!!
      And I realized that you’re right… I’ve changed the name of the whole category and the name of the generic tag. I don’t want to confuse my readers again!
      I named them ‘Strict poetic forms’ and I will tag my writings only in compliance with its forms!
      Thank you again, Ry ❤
      Your remark was really useful!
      P.S. Aww… 'commiserate'… not in vain I sniffed dust of online dictionaries 😛

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    • You’re welcome, I thought you’d like it!

      Yes, I guess some of us do read tags too lol I think sometimes it gives clues to understanding the poem. Sometimes when I copy/paste stuff, stuff gets copied twice, so I don’t know if stuff can sometimes not get copied too. Wanted to make sure there wasn’t some piece of the poem that got lost, if you write your drafts in a separate document first, like some people do, to save copies of their own work to their own devices! 🙂

      Correct, it was not in vain! 😛

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    • (I always learn tags) 😛
      Yes, you’re right, it do gives a clue to understanding!

      And… hmmm… I’m almost always making a fair copy.
      I don’t have drafts practically.

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