GUEST POST // Let Live by Ry Hakari & Tony Single

in central park twilight, a lone wolf
left alone, entrapped in thought
cold air and the staining snow
accursed regret, a taunting effluvium
and what is this a hint of
copper burnished with shame
the burning around the fur
it leaks, tastes bitter

i want my mother’s teat
nurse me, mother, don’t leave
tell me what ties bind me here
in this horrible hinterland

the sticky tree needles scent
strong, while i give off fear
is there life beyond the pack
where do i begin or end
the chase i lost, you chased me off
you wouldn’t forgive or let me live
and now I’m sleepy, fighting weak
with iron teeth as darkness falls

i want my mother’s teat
nurse me, mother, don’t leave
tell me what ties bind me here
in this horrible hinterland

© All rights reserved 2015

* * * * *

It’s dark. It’s cold. It smells like blood, sweat and… milk.
It’s virile.
It’s fucking awesome!

I’m happy to show you, my dearest Writers and Readers, the first collaborative poem of my friends. They both are incredible poets, they both are amazing friends and they both are… well, just cool guys!

Ry Hakari and Tony Single.
They both are great.
Check these blogs.

Learn poetry beyond the pack.


8 thoughts on “GUEST POST // Let Live by Ry Hakari & Tony Single

  1. Aaaaaaooooohhhhhhh!!!!
    This was FUCKING AWESOME to read! Now I’m all excited and pumped! 😀
    HOLY SHIT, the first collaboration between you two certainly has some firepower!
    I wonder: Will we get more of this? Will you collaborate again? Now that we’ve licked blood and howled to the moon and all….Aaaaaaooooohhhhh!!!

    It’s been a while since I did justice to my potty mouth status! 😉

    (Oh, btw: WP is acting up again. Not enough, that my reader is almost empty and simply stopped showing me new posts from all the blogs I follow all month long, I had to hunt down and stalk every single blog specifically – haha talk about spending too much time on the internet – and in addition to that I just found out that I hadn’t even been following Tony’s poesy blog! Wth?! Luckily I got guidance from an angel named Tati, guiding me back to Tony and his thoughts! 😀 )

    Liked by 2 people

    • We’ve done another! It’s up at my blog! Tony schedules his posts, and it will be posted on his page in two Mondays from now! I’m glad you liked our poem so much, it was nice chatting with you a bit earlier today! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Fan-fucking-tastic comment, my dearest potty mouth, it’s worth thousands of comments! Abso-fucking-lutely!! 😀

      You can’t imagine my happiness!
      Your angel named Tati is radiant like a neon sign with sparking contacts! 3 amazing poets, 3 incredible bloggers, my best-loved guys got together on my blog! WOW!! Only for the sake of this I must publish guest posts!!

      By the way, it’s funny, Tony and I discussed running WP yesterday, including that I don’t use the reader. I prefer e-mail notifications and reading via e-mail. It’s a warranty that I don’t miss a new post from my favorite bloggers… including

      Liked by 1 person

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