Butchering (paying a tribute to my old yoga mat)

A medium size.
A medium density.
A medium price.
Generally, it’s dark blue
in the null assemblage point.

(Sometimes it becomes
red or green. But it’s kinda
my little secret.)
A fray is on the back edge
and a slight scent of joss sticks.

Dozens of defects…
The usual thing, in short.
Where is theurgy?
It’s a matter of arrows.
The bright red on the dark blue.

It’s my secret path,
my color-coded loophole,
my molded carcass.
A scheme of the primal cuts
for my gnostic butchering…

Numinous blades slip
and split along my axis.
The golden section…
I yield my offal and meat
under the Karma Cutter.

When my shanks sprawl out
and my round points to the east,
I distinctly hear
chuckling of a sacred cow
in esoteric silence.

© All rights reserved 2015

15 thoughts on “Butchering (paying a tribute to my old yoga mat)

  1. All of your poetry is thoughtfully made incredible. This one though!? It seemed like you were focused a bit extra, just like yoga would enforce. I loved how you shared your more intimate bits – the markings on your mat, the interactions. Your word choice is perfect. This was magnificently metaphysical. I’m sure to think differently now when I go through my process later today 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Michael…

      It’s silly to note that you were my main addressee.
      Thank you ❤
      Yes, it was pretty intimate, but I wanted to share this… It's true, I've marked my yoga mat (it's useful for some asanas). And it looks like schemes of butchers (a little) 😛 They were laughing at me, but later some of them did the same thing 😀

      Thank you again! Thank you for your incredible compliments and your acceptance of my weird way.
      I'm happy that I can share it with you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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