Horn-rimmed glasses

Just jabbering. Beating a rhythm. Messing with common sense.
Murdering a language… grammatically semi-dense.

A holy fool…

Allowing unallowable. Well… omissible… fuck it!
Set punctuation marks! Correct my torn jeans and my sanskrit!

A holy fool…

Don’t listen to me, please! Don’t call my bluff! Don’t yield to my magic!
It’ll not be my blame if you hear something essential and tragic.

A holy fool…

God forbid! Something that you were always afraid to say.
Oops… me and my potty mouth… I put my foot in it… hey!

A holy fool…

Healthy people shrug shoulders… a set of words isn’t usable.
Are you sick? Do you think that my words are excusable?

A holy fool…

There are people… they hear perfectly… how a heart talks to a heart.
Well… Putting on my horn-rimmed glasses. Just wanna look more smart…

© All rights reserved 2015

24 thoughts on “Horn-rimmed glasses

    • Oh, Meg… You’ve caught me on hot ^^’
      Please, don’t tell my grandfather that I played with his glasses!

      Thank you, thank you Meg… You’re the sunshine!
      Lots and lots and lots of love, your Tia XXX

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  1. Thanks for the follow unbolt. I appreciate it a lot. 😊. I am following your blog now too. Looking forward to reading your poems. I am completely new to poetry as my thing has been painting and drawing all my life. Happy days 😊, Maria.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Maria ❤

      It's an honor for me. Truly. I adore and appreciate my every reader!! I hope, my poetical escapades will bring a lot of positive emotions for you 😛

      I can't wait to read your blog and to see your painting and drawing! Please, take care, and have an awesome week!!

      With love, your Unbolt (Tetiana, Tati, Tia, Mad Hatter, … (your comfortable version of my nickname) 😛

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    • Oh… WOW! Thank you! A great idea!!
      I adore drums… By the way! Do you know about ‘hang drums’? It’s something fantastic!! I just fly when I listen to these cosmic sounds!

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  2. The language in this is sticky. I feel like parts are going to poke me throughout the day. This brings me back to your Pythia post somehow.
    I know the finer meaning is different, but it has that…encompassing energy. Another play with how words slip from mouths and either fall deafly or uniquely.
    And I’m sure you do look very smart with those rims 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! 😛 Thank you, Michael… These glasses look pretty sexy, don’t they?

      Yes, you’re absolutely right… this one is connected with ‘Pythia’. It has a playful tint, of course… but there is a grain of truth in every joke. Thank you that you listen to me, Michael. I really appreciate this! ❤

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