a Book (Fragment #027)

Урок 27 - The Book (by Culpeo-Fox)

An awesome work by Culpeo-Fox. Favourite books, favourite movies, favourite voices and favourite persons…

Again… this happened again. Again, I was reprimanded by Mr. Turdman and sent to our library to endure my punishment. I restrained myself with some effort, and hid my happy smile. I put the mask of a martyr over my face, and slowly left the classroom. The conditions of my punishment were that I must unpack some boxes filled with donated books. I must repair the damaged books then sort and catalog them all… Do you think that’s boring? Hell, no man! I know this work well and enjoy it!

On my way, I came across Patrick outside the library… Hmm… What the hell was he doing here? He should be in the basement near his precious ribbed eggs As usual, Patrick was engrossed in himself and didn’t notice me… or he just pretended that he didn’t… as always… My day would be made if I ruined him and his eggs! With such lovely thoughts, I walked into the library.

…I need, my dear friend, some illusions of elegance. Some elaborate magic tricks of my mind. Some visually enigmatic intrigue. Hmm… For example, I see… a pompously decorated dinner table… genteel society and lazy intellectual discussions… candles, goblets, silver… The luxurious tablecloth falls down to the floor… long… so long… and… Do you know what? It isn’t a tablecloth! It’s the hem of a dress! Long… so long… A long evening dress, an elegant, beautiful dress. It’s worn by a pretty girl standing on the stairs… with a glass of red wine and a cigarette in her cigarette holder, with a fur boa on her white marble shoulders… The girl is apathetic and cold. She doesn’t care about this genteel banquet. She spits on it. But… no… I was wrong! I glanced into her eyes… I understood… She isn’t cold and apathetic! The moment passed – she sharply tugged her hem! And candles, goblets, silver fly up into the air! And expensive red wine splashes pale aristocratic faces like luxurious toilets! And truffles with oysters dirty the exclusive parquet and silk wallpapers! And our girl… Oh! She’s fucked them all over! She’s leaving the banquet with her head held high through the front door…

…when I came back to myself, I was alone in the dark at the library. Damn! What is this? I twiddled the book without a cover in my paws. (to be continued)

© All rights reserved 2014

5 thoughts on “a Book (Fragment #027)

  1. “Mr. Turdman”, ha-ha, I love his name. Oh, “our girl”, yes, this is who I want to be! Thanksgiving is coming, maybe I could try that out with a long hemmed dress, everyone could be wearing turkey! Hatter, this is wonderfully surreal, but not sure how well I would do in this world, the wrong look and I could be terminated!

    Alice ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • My dear holy canary!
      You can be anybody in my book! You can choose any character :)) Feel free!
      I only start. I don’t know my heroes yet :))
      I’m not too sure, that I remember their names, habits and little secrets 😉

      P.S. Do you want to name this girl?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, but could I? You will have to share more of her with me, and then I can possibly offer up a list of names. But yes, yes, I would love to be this character! So you read about “The Pit” or did the Hallow Canaries tell you? Ha-ha! I’m not really sure if they are truly holy maybe unholy. We must always have the yin and the yang!

      Liked by 1 person

    • You can! OK… when I’ll meet her again I’ll try to find out a bit more 😉
      The Pit… Hmmm… I know more, than one 😉
      Yin and Yang. Yes.
      Yin. Yang. And some drops of blood… It’s my blog.
      It’s me.

      Liked by 1 person

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