Between edges

A road… just two edges and infinity between them. To step on the edge. To diverge from the road. To live, as if you’re immortal, is one edge. To live, as if your death is inevitable, is the other edge.

Edges aren’t the road.

Let yourself be immortal. Walking on the edge. Stepping over the edge. Forget miserable time. Look at yourself without the world. Your every step, your every gesture, your every thought… immortality.

Edges aren’t the road.

Let yourself be mortal. Walking on the edge. Stepping over the edge. Take your final step. Look at the world without you. Without your every step, without your every gesture, without your every thought… mortality.

Edges aren’t the road.

You don’t like edges. They’re dangerous. But if you deny edges… you deny the road. You learnt immortality. You learnt mortality.

You learnt… edges aren’t the road.

A road… just two edges and infinity between them. You go ahead. Infinity is under your feet. You took your road.

A courageous alive creature.

© All rights reserved 2015

53 thoughts on “Between edges

    • Thank you… I feel happy and flattered… 3 x! ❤

      You know… I recalled you, when I was writing this one. I remember your story (today I read a bit more on your blog). I dedicated this essay for all great strong people, who know what is pain, fear, despair, but have courage to go ahead. Who was able to step back from edges and go with a head held high… Damn! Sorry, I sound so pompous! Maybe it's just because I lost all my words because of your compliment 😛

      Well, let me just hug you and run away before I'll blush to the roots of hair ^^’


    • Thank you, John!
      A comment from you, a seasoned and wise wayfarer, is valuable especially… I feel happy and really flattered!
      Please, take care and enjoy your great long journey!

      My warmest wishes,
      your Tati

      Liked by 1 person

    • A life threatening disease will teach how to love every step on the road of life…

      Thank you for comment ❤
      Please, take care, Shalilah!


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