Barbaric methods

You mildly murmur at me
that I don’t value things,
all these lovely expensive things,
that you present

I wonder why you can’t see
I have only one use for rings,
all these useless diamond rings,
to make them pleasant


© All rights reserved 2015


Happiness is just another angle of view. Please, let yourself be happy…

with love,
your Unbolt

19 thoughts on “Barbaric methods

  1. Excellent fusion of poetry and video to create a new piece of art. This is the intended use of the digital space of a blog post – creative fusion that produces a new form of media. Well done. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh… THANK YOU, Joseph ❤

      What an amazing comment! From you… it's worth its weight in gold!
      Well… you inspired me. I'll make such posts on a regular basis!
      (And I'm so sorry for such a late reply) ^^’


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