gustave doré’s divine comedy

so, the lamb dropped the fourth seal
i heard him do it, he broke it, boosh!
the fourth living creature said, “oh, come on now!”
and the lamb just stood there, its feelings slain

so, i looked and beheld an ashen horse
and on it a groovy rider named death
the filling of hades was his raison d’être
his ravening maw full of stogied mortals

the horse thundered and foamed on those death had slain
’tween puffs of smoke, burnt lamb and broke seal
power was given them o’er earth’s last quarter
to off with the sword, hoof, famine and pestilence

erm, by the way…
just ’cos i draw this, don’t make it true
you get that, right? laugh if you do

i’ll think of a punchline later


© All rights reserved 2015

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