1, 2, 3… Aspirate!

Gentle readers, were you aware that ‘aspiration’ has two meanings?

Of course, ‘aspiration’ usually refers to hope or a strong desire to achieve something, but it also refers to the mundane yet necessary process of breathing in and out. We cannot have one thing without the other. You see, hope is absent when we’re no longer breathing. And breathing without hope is like being dead already.

As long as we’re still standing here breathing then let’s aspirate, yes? Let’s dare to reach for the impossible–even if just for a short time–for tomorrow’s a blank page that hasn’t been promised to us. So, shall we fill the blank page that sits here with us today? Right now? In this very hour? Yes. Let’s do that instead of waiting for tomorrow’s pages.

We’ve had a wonderful year at Unbolt. Tony joined the fold and filled up the space with words to complement Tati’s own. We featured some of our treasured readers own works. And we received quite a number of awards and writing challenges too!

To celebrate the amazing year that was, we at Unbolt have put together two pages dedicated to the awards and writing challenges we’ve received so far. Why have we done this? Because we want to share those awards and writing challenges with you, dear readers. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support. You mean a lot to us. We want you to know that we appreciate every single one of you! So, please, feel free to click through to the Choose Your Award! and Choose Your Challenge! pages, and have fun!

Oh, and may we also wish you a Happy New Year? Yes, a new start full of breathing and aspiration. Just what the doctor ordered!

Yours ever,
Tati & Tony

© All rights reserved 2016

47 thoughts on “1, 2, 3… Aspirate!

  1. Great post! The beginning reminded me of hedonism. Having to endure the mundane or challenging aspects of something to obtain pleasure. And I’ll definitely check out the awards pages. 🙂

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  2. Do you both know how much I admire , enjoy , am inspired and enriched by your spirits that have glowed like a silvery cloud into my life ? Well , sooooooooo very much that it often feels like a majestic storm ….Tony and Tia , thank you deeply from my heart …. I’m flying into the new year with you with joy …..love , ( and hugs ) megxxx

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    • Aaawww… Meg! Truly, you leave the most wonderful, heartfelt comments that make us quite simply walk on air. You deserve to have an amazing New Year. We keep our fingers crossed and our hearts open for this to happen! 😀

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    • I haven’t been able to find it. I guess we can speak like this if it’s easier.
      I was only looking for advice as to how to grow my page in the new year. Its still just a hobby.
      Is there a trick to the tags? Or is it just a longevity/frequent posting thing?

      Like I said, I appreciate that you read my stuff and for your help. I’m fairly amateur!

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    • It’s the second thing, Vast. I’m afraid there’s really no trick to it at all. Use the best tags you can think of and post often. And, above all, continue to make your content as compelling for visitors as you can possibly make it. That’s really all Tati and I have done. Good luck with this, my friend, because it’s a hard slog… but you can do it! 😀

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    • Word. Much appreciated. I have been on and off with it for a long time. Just using it as a place to dump whatever I’ve had. I might take it more seriously. Thank you my friends! Glad to meet you. My name is Brian.

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  3. I love the sharing of awards and challenges. The Dynamic unbolted Duo have a special synergy here and I can only see it doing good things with such talent as found here! I look forward to reading here. 😀

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