Oops!… We Did It Again (the last mission (fel-de-se))

Erm… hullo there. (This is rather awkward…)

Dear Reader, the stuff that was originally posted here has been removed.

We have done this because said stuff has since been included in one of our published books. We hope you’ll believe us when we say we’re not trying to be stingy. No, this has been done to honour the people who have already spent their hard-earned money on our eBook creations.*

If, however, for some reason you’re unable to buy one of our books, and feel you’ll die without seeing this piece of writing, then please contact us via admin@unbolt.me. We won’t allow our Dear Readers to fade away in the dark. We’ll send you the piece in question, and it will be absolutely free. All you need do is ask.

* Of course, we would be like two happy puppies if you too decided to buy one of our books.

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70 thoughts on “Oops!… We Did It Again (the last mission (fel-de-se))

  1. So he hopes.
    Once, a bomb exploded literally right behind my back. It happened in the shopping mall, just seconds after I walked out and turned to the bus stop. The sound of explosion was apparently muted by the sound of approaching streetcar. I had no clue. I took a seat in the streetcar and looked at my watch. It was 5.20pm. Later in the news they said that the first bomb exploded at 5.19. It was surreal to watch the bloodied face of the member of staff I talked just an hour ago.

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  2. The portrait you have created has struck such a big effect on me. It brings a smile to my face that you are such a brilliant writer/artist/and imaginative human being. The content words you use here are scary and I love that about your writing. My I ask what inspire this poem?

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    • I just watched a program that was so wrenching–the mother of one of the Columbine school shooters has written a book….oh gosh, it was painful to listen to her, the false guilt she carries. Heartbreaking.

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    • One concerning part is that, no matter how many experts log countless hours of study, human beings are still a crap shoot. This poor mom (in the program) said she would have done everything differently–gone to the other extreme as far as not allowing her child privacy, monitoring friends, school issues, mood changes, etc–if she had a do-over. Sadly, that might not have changed a thing–or may have caused a tragedy of another kind. Parents can’t put their kids in protective bubble wrap, lest they do catastrophically destructive things–or in the hope they’ll be happy and healthy. You do your best–and Pray. And plenty of kids who come from truly abusive homes never even consider committing atrocious crimes. There is no rhyme or reason. I don’t know what the answer is, truly–but I chose not to have children because I was afraid I’d be a horrible parent–and never regretted my decision. Sorry I’m so wound up about this…

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    • Azul, I must say I have to agree with you on many of your points. In fact, I can also empathise with you not wanting to have children. I’ve long felt the same. I just don’t think I’d cut the mustard as a father. I really don’t.

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    • See, that shows that we are smart, wiser, less selfish than folks who just have children without giving it any serious consideration–or to meet some need within themselves. I fear for the kids who are the product of “willy-nilly” procreation… I was terrified I’d be like my mother, and I never wanted to see the look of fear and betrayal in my child’s eyes; so it was an easy decision made early. Have an excellent week, Tony 🙂

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