Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume One

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

We think Mr. Hemingway may have been onto something with this six word story thing. They’re certainly a lot of fun to write, but perhaps it’s something he didn’t give a damn about beyond a means to make some quick cash off of his drinking chums. Those black market livers don’t pay for themselves!

However the six word story came about is possibly academic by this point. Perhaps the real point is to simply have fun with it. It’s an extreme version of flash fiction that many people seem to enjoy. Is it because we’re living in an ADD world? Or can meaning, and indeed entire tales, truly be conveyed in such micro-sized blips of verbiage?

Dear readers, we at Unbolt have been heartened by your enthusiastic response to our virgin attempts at composing our own six word stories. So, it’s without further ado that we introduce to you 17 true six word stories from yourselves, our loyal and talented fans!

We love you. Truly, we do. We don’t care about the colour of your skin or what religion you follow. There are more important things than being white, black, transparent or blue, and more important than dome shaped buildings, neon crosses and whether or not you know what Pascha is. (Is it a Slavic Easter or a brothel in Germany?) And even if you don’t celebrate your birthday, fuck it all! We love you, our dearest Readers!

Not for sale: 17 worn lives.

Story 1:
Is there a void or expectation?
by Sheldon

Story 2:
“I love you” starts being machine-like.
by What Is A Name After All?

Story 3:
That we always try to fill.
by Ink Blot

Story 4:
I didn’t get it at first.
by Bridget the Ladybug

Story 5:
This is so creative! You’re brilliant!
by Carisa Adrienne

Story 6:
A brand new day started yesterday.
Story 7:
And now today it starts again.
by Yradmo

Story 8:
Might have magically changed my life.
by Azul Zaffre

Story 9:
True love will always call back.
by Lord Walt

Story 10:
And it’s always good to enjoy.
by Tent Ninja

Story 11:
When love is shared, it grows.
Story 12:
Family is what you make it.
Story 13:
To love with truth is honour.
Story 14:
Honesty is more important than religion.
Story 15:
When the phone rings she dies.
Story 16:
Love to you both, my darlings!
by Madam Marmoset

Story 17:
And the blood just kept coming.
by The Grimoire of Keto

© All rights reserved 2016

97 thoughts on “Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume One

  1. By the way, can my previous post count as sequel or prequel 6 word stories?

    I love this site. Thanks for allowing me to play the game. It has allowed me to let go of some of the issues that are currently tormenting my mind.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer
    AKA — Seeking Dividends

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