GUEST POST // A green ear somewhere in there… by M. Spahr

Appreciate appreciation
have you ever
found frogs lazily
leaping under faux moon
beams of gratitude
they’ll croak their duress
just the same

You have to listen closely
without touching
you have to find one alone
without having

It knows soon better than you or I do
A creature of pure motion
something that knows how to
appreciate appreciation

by M. SPAHR 
© All rights reserved 2016

28 thoughts on “GUEST POST // A green ear somewhere in there… by M. Spahr

  1. 😊 This is making me feel better, thanks a bunch! I’ve been sick 😟 so this was really nice. What made you pick this one? If you don’t mind, of course.
    I’m honored to be such a guest in this amazing place! I’ll return the favor someday with my own surprise choices…
    Thanks again 😀😀 !!!

    Liked by 3 people

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