Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Two

Oh, how we crave delicious tales;
bite sized snacks of literary nutriment!
Six word stories are gobsmackingly fun.
We love to eat your efforts.
Won’t you treat us some more?
(The ghost of Hemingway compels you!)

Story 1:
I’d love to try as well.
by Geetalima

Story 2:
“I see you,” he said, smiling.
by Introspectiveinformation

Story 3:
The knight swung; the robber fell.
by Rawle Nyanzi

Story 4:
The computer crashed. All was lost.
by Grandmapeachy

Story 5:
Fingers trailing, leaving promises of return.
Story 6:
Libraries are bigger on the inside.
Story 7:
Sink your teeth in these wor(l)ds.
Story 8:
I only imagine our cheeks grazing.
by Beezuz

Story 9:
“Wait!” he screamed. “She’s still breathing!”
by Potentiallypublished

Story 10:
Online we practice being one person.
by Davekingsbury

Story 11:
No stories. Too bad, rent’s due.
by Strickletonyahoocouk

Story 12:
I really like blogger number 5.
by Xeno

Story 13:
Figures, red was never his colour.
by Alixa

Story 14:
I am completely nothing without myself.
by Amoderndivinecomedy

Story 15:
These short lines are incredibly tantalising.
by Miriam

Story 16:
In the silence she lives, freely.
by Tiffanybeingfree

Story 17:
Changed mind; your loss, my freedom.
Story 18:
He wished he’d kissed them goodbye.
Story 19:
Polka partner required. Inquire after trial.
by Nananoyz

Story 20:
This is a great volume one.
by Jessie Martinovic

© All rights reserved 2016

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