anastasis tree

thick scabbed bark like a panoply
but tenderer than a wing-stroke
stealthy touches, airy kisses,
cracking, cracking

i’m but a breath, thinly stretched
by potter o’er clay and bone
i’m a tumbleweed in tumbleland
a noose dropped at the hanging tree

gnawing trails through rotten caudex
weaving cocoons inside the heartwood
quivering fibrils, feeble pulse
waiting, waiting

you are closer than the wisp of lips
you are deeper than oceans mere
you are greater than fears all brung
an empty space at the hanging tree

gentle stirring feels like convulsions
nobody asks you when you’re ready
voiceless screams, waterless tears
waking, waking

we all submit that need to know
we know love that seek out truth
we love true another’s name
our troubles left at the hanging tree

you want me for you
i want you for me
so let it be
a butterfly sways
on a hangman’s noose
at the dead tree


© All rights reserved 2016

78 thoughts on “anastasis tree

  1. great feel and rhythm…you two were obviously made for each other. infested and loving it 🙂

    is there a link to the narrated version? The man who is reading has a lovely voice.
    Us Americans swoon over British voices, ya know. I suppose that’s why filmmakers use Brits (or people imitating Brits) when they cast Jesus in films. Somehow i don’t see Jesus with a proper British accent….but whatta I know!

    Anyway…wonderful poem.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Willow! Yup, if you click on the big graphic thingy, it should take you to our SoundCloud page, and from there to Mils’s page where he has many more recordings. We definitely recommend you check them out. His is the voice of Jesus… if Jesus were British. Ha ha! 😛

      Liked by 3 people

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