Teti-à-Tête (With Tony) #2

(Dear readers, feel free to click on the image in order to embiggen it. Go on. Clicking things is fun. We promise!)

Guys, we know that, like us, some of you dream of being professional writers. We promise to tell you the details of this process, to share with you our experiences, and together come to our dream.

But we suspect that some of you are eager to try yourselves as literary critics. (It’s such fun to criticize others, don’t you think?) So, for those of you who want to test this… guys, we’re ready to be your Guinea pigs!

© All rights reserved 2016

47 thoughts on “Teti-à-Tête (With Tony) #2

  1. Just the mere fact that you have a book is fantastic
    My comment on it is not necessary
    If it sells that’s all you need to know
    I know the comments help your sells
    And you ranking
    But the bottom line is still your sales
    All the best to you both
    As always Sheldon

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  2. Link seems broken on my end. I’m supposed to review a book myself but I have never done it before. This just made me realize it’s my personal opinion on the book, that will matter, so thanks for that.

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  3. Ok I’ve read your little book three times already now and for me its how you read it that matters! First time I read each of the chapters because that’s what they seemed to me, and paused, before continuing,my mistake didn’t quite get it. Second time read all quite quick, in one go then got into it, not chapters more phases, transitions, got my head around it, I think. Then third time read real slow, savoured the words, didn’t care about the definition of some I didn’t know as got their meaning, did a lot of smiling, damn good work my friends. The thing is how do I write a ‘proper’ review for Amazon & Goodreads and rate it? What the hell I’ll do it like this, my reviews tend to be a bit weird anyway! High Five!

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    • Oh… WOW! Thank you, EDC 😀
      It’s so very cool and your review is perfect, yeah! I feel truly honored that you’ve read this 3 times… damn.
      Well… for posting your review on Amazon you should have an account (hee-hee-hee… I’m Captain Obvious) that has successfully been charged for a purchase (You don’t need to have purchased the product you’re reviewing.) Goodreads requires only your account. Nothing else can prevent you from posting your weird reviews here and there 😛
      Thank you again, EDC… High Five… is it about tits? 😛

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    • Either lost a little in translation or like me you are having a glass of wine or two. Either way I like your style… high five just my cryptic way of saying I’d rate the book 5 …tits 2 the norm in England!

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