Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Four

Hemingway sawed a cello to death.
Stole a urinal from a bar.
Still he was a literary star.
Hoover was jealous of his talent,
But we don’t have to be.
Behold! The stories below of thee!

Story 1:
Wow! I am most truly honored!
Story 2:
I cannot breathe in the kiss.
Story 3:
I see what you both did.
by Gregory Stackpole

Story 4:
She inhaled deeply. Oh, the pressure!
by Sarah Jayne Nantais

Story 5:
My eye opened, small man inside.
by J. Zorro Kennon

Story 6:
He was your mother, you fool!
by The Scarlet Swallow

Story 7:
Oops! I missed all the fun!
by Kay Geegh

Story 8:
The sun set. Their souls rose.
by Aaron Farrell

Story 9:
Till we meet again, dear friend.
Story 10:
To separate from mediocrity, become unbolted!
Story 11:
From far away, it was clear.
Story 12:
She was enticed by his glance.
Story 13:
With temptation comes the ultimate penalty.
Story 14:
Pardon me, is this seat taken?
Story 15:
I will only say this once!
Story 16:
Ok… maybe I’ll say it twice.
Story 17:
Do those count as six words?
Story 18:
The ultimate temptation; the forbidden fruit.
Story 19:
Help is on the way, ma’am!
Story 20:
Her body melted into his arms.
by Robert Charles

Story 21:
Unyielding, her sorrow refuses to release.
by Katherine Marguerite

Story 22:
Off she walked, towards the light.
by Dprssdmind

© All rights reserved 2016

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