GUEST POST // I Saw Once by Sheldon Kleeman

I can see you’re
Sad and lonely
That your eyes
are sayin the words
Can you just hold
my hand a little
longer for us both
need another road
It’s never easy
to readjust from
one into another
But with both of
us walking……..
The road gets easier
I know how tired,
sad, just a little further
& we’ll be………
Just remember to
look into the “I’s”
of life
As I saw ones
who once were sad

© All rights reserved 2016

18 thoughts on “GUEST POST // I Saw Once by Sheldon Kleeman

  1. There’s a bittersweet quality in many of Sheldon’s fine poems, and this one certainly travels down a melancholy path. It’s lovely to see that he does have a companion to at least share the burden of his loneliness. ❤

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  2. I’ve always loved your comments here, Sheldon, and your blog. There is a playfulness to them that always makes me smile – and makes me think that you must be having fun with it. This, however, seems something raw and unadorned, almost unceremonious, yet walking only through the training of your craft. No bombast, no high register, just quiet, and strong. Thank you.

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    • I have to agree with you, Gregory, and I think this may be why Tati chose this particular poem by him. There’s a depth of experience and vulnerability on display here that I think many would relate to.

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