You be the Judge

Sisterhood Forum International spokeswoman Mildred Tankard Smith was quoted as saying: “This is demeaning, inappropriate and troubling.”

Internationally acclaimed writer extraordinaire Tetiana Hennadiyivna Aleksina was quoted as saying: “Anyone care for a beer?”

Internationally maligned artistic ne’er-do-well Anthony James Single was quoted as saying: “I just like drawing boobies.”

Who cares if we’re about to be wildly improper? We don’t. It’s new Crumble Cult. It’s coming soon.

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29 thoughts on “You be the Judge

  1. Is the offense because you called it Black Ukrainian? Is Black Ukrainian something along the lines of Black Irish? If that’s the case I see a reason for some to be offended. I personally am offended at the low alcohol volume. I wouldn’t bother with this beer. 🙂

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    • Oh no, Faith. It’s nothing like that (though we didn’t make this at all clear). It’s more to do with the fact that I drew naked boobies in the last panel of the strip that this post references. You can find that here. As for alcohol volume, I don’t really have any experience with drinking alcohol of any volume, so your comment made me laugh. Love your sense of humour! 😀

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    • Hi, Raven! Can we call you Raven? Thank you heaps for thinking of us. We appreciate it. We really do!

      To be honest, we don’t tend to link and promote other sites on Unbolt (except our own), but we do happily post stuff from our friends if we consider their work to be pretty cool! And we do this absolutely free, with light hearts and no expectation of gratitude or counter-gestures or chocolates or accolades or anything. Hee hee!

      You see, our policy is to give our readers some good reading without inundating them with links that they may choose not to click on anyway. Of course, we always credit our guest authors if we happen to publish one of their works, but we don’t just put up posts or pages full of links.

      However, if you feel you’d like to include a link to Unbolt on your terrific site then we wouldn’t begrudge you that. In fact, it would be quite the opposite. We’d feel most flattered! And whether you choose to do so or not, we’re still just grateful that you thought of us at all… so, thank you!

      It was so cool of you to make this offer. You ROCK. 😀

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