Silent Snuff Movie

Imagine a chalk outline like
what you get at a crime scene and
the space where the body used to be.
Now it’s a-buzz with cicadas,
shaking up a muted din.
That’s what deafness sounds like.
(I’m sorry you had to repeat yourself.)

Coincidence is an artefact of
the mind that neglects to shrug on a coat
then complains bitterly through frostbitten
imprecations and impenitent sighs.
Maybe this is all I can be,
a ghost haunting my own life.
(I’m sorry I wasn’t in view enough.)

I guess one can evince too much in
the way of interest or not enough.
What’s to learn? It’s why I’m needy and
all I fuster is passive aggression.
This is not a mid-life crisis. It’s a
crisis of faith… and I’m afraid.
(I’m sorry I nudged the human race.)

I numbly twig to the Horned God’s clopping.
Before the end he gores me mumly,
and still they won’t condole with me.
Who was ever there that could’ve been? But
it really doesn’t matter now. Has it
ever? I fear the finality and release.
(I’ve lost conviction in this faceless night.)


© All rights reserved 2016

78 thoughts on “Silent Snuff Movie

  1. And it is surprising how loud tinnitus can be, not at all the supposedly meditative experience one would expect from hearing loss. I now have both a high radio squeal and a bass drone accompaniment. And yes, I am sorry that I didn’t hear what you said and did you know that turning up one’s hearing aids results in the sensation of being screamed at and having all other sounds still combating with the important messages.Silence is not all that golden.

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  2. Hi Tony, I really enjoyed this post. I think you have a great style and it inspired me so much I used your words for my self-proclaimed UsetheenglishLuke Challenge where I create a text using the words I don’t know from the best posts of my followers to improve my english. If you like and have time and you want to take a read I would be honored to receive corrections for my english, ideas, comments, or whatever you have in mind if you like to… 🙂 My post with yours reblogged is here:
    Thank you so much for reading my blog, you are gifted and I feel your style much alike the one I want to have one day! 🙂 Have a great day! Luca

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