blue sky disintegration

oh magic mind, fair take me, take me
to shangri-la the promised land
yeah, make this ordeal flippin’ worth it
don’t make me walk the path of needles
i cut my feet on their expectations
all twisted faces along my way
like knotted fists of disapproval
i kibble ’neath treadmilling eyes

yeah, done forgot to make the call
to the superannuation guy
and i failed to mail a card for my gran
ninety must be some kind of milestone
goddamn it, i want my puddin’ cup
won’t someone inject me full of rainbow
the love of man is a diplomat’s game
i’d settle for being gay a while

slipping in blood all over the dance floor
there’s jam on the kitchen ceiling too
do i have to take out the trash tomorrow
we’re chasing worth like dust after broom
gonna subscribe to glaucoma monthly
gotta count my pennies ’fore i go blind
wonton soup gets me frothing, wanton
a couch caligula’s custard orgy

wanna transcend all i can’t comprehend
yeah, sick me up a beautiful storm
total cranial coherence, baby
time to take in those other dimensions
you’ve now to live while dice we still can
with lucy and the plum devil’s diamonds
softened by goat’s blood, baked in a quiche
i all live in a yellow margarine


© All rights reserved 2016

59 thoughts on “blue sky disintegration

  1. Your intriguing journeys! There is just not enough time to truly appreciate you guys. And your amazing crafting.
    (And I relate to what you said, about no particular poet influencing you, I am so inspired by music and lyrics too.)

    Liked by 2 people

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