Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Five

Time for more six word stories.
They were all written by you,
our dear readers. Oh my, yes!
We’ve finally posted them right here,
so don’t throat punch us, okay?
Such a long time to wait!

Story 1:
Six words can’t tell a story. 
Story 2:
What’s more, there isn’t enough substance.
by Sheldon Kleeman

Story 3:
Clever! Thanks for making me laugh.
by Daal Praderas

Story 4:
There IS peace in loveAmen!
by Rjoherman

Story 5:
I have a single porpoise tooth.
Story 6:
Tuna Safe Dolphin Meat is good.
Story 7:
“Please kill me,” my clone whispered.
Story 8:
I think these pills work fast.
Story 9:
My umbilical noose is too tight.
by Epic Fantasy

Story 10:
Sharks are nice. Hey, my arm!
by Phoenix Risen Poetry

Story 11:
Phew, what an interesting looking blog!
by Andy Smart

Story 12:
Love tried to take me alive.
by Kelly in ya Belly

Story 13:
“Where in Hell?” “Yes, you are.”
by Malakki

Story 14:
“Please don’t go.” “Don’t let me.”
Story 15:
She was a killer without heels.
Story 16:
The heart untied the mind’s knot.
by Nandita Yata

Story 17:
If you die then you’re mine.
by Dom

Story 18:
Give me a break. I’m dying.
Story 19:
Can’t you see? I am dead.
by Taizo

Story 20:
Am I a burden to reply?
by Lauren

© All rights reserved 2016

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