52 thoughts on “charcot thresholder (shower daze)

  1. Beautifully crafted and original. I like the idea of comparing growing up with taking a cold shower. Also, I like the concision of this poem where just a few words can express so much. Love the last two lines. Very powerful ending.

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  2. Soak your heals
    While your SOUL shivers in fear
    God is that a mouth full
    Although I’m still hungry
    What’s for desert
    I hope it’s whipped and cream
    Uncle Ben’s perverted rice for sure
    the Sheldon Perspective

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  3. Tetiana? Aleksina … lot of trouble!


    Tetiana!- Alec’s in… a lotta trouble…

    Hi. I am a… wacko. Good thing this is the NET. I am possibly disturbed… and amourous- OMG! ………. Tetiana, tell me.. Tell me you are not Ukrainian and female. Ay! Oh no. I love Ukrainian women. Dah, just as surely as “Yah labloo morozhna schokolad”, I am part “Pyccknn”…

    Don’t say you are Russian!! That is hard on my blood pressure.. Its not a crush thing.. Its called a SMOOSH.. a feeling of well being Miss that you exist!

    Oops. I did not guard my heart ❤
    You are worth it

    You must be
    Your name is so pret- I.. Gotta go 😮

    C ya
    Write on- you rock

    I have a gf
    She kind of likes me
    Boo!! Hahaha
    So I flirt
    Oh well


    Bog bless you

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    • Hi there, SS. Sounds like you’ve fallen hard! Tati is indeed Ukrainian and a woman… just like many folks from that part of the world. Hee hee! But, yes, she is pretty special. We wanna thank you for visiting us and checking out our writings. Very cool of you, sir! 😀

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    • I make squillions but that’s not nearly as much a billions, so I’m afraid I’m currently suffering a bout of ‘moolah envy’. And the heart and soul thing… I covet that too. Oh, how I covet! 😛

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