triskelion gospel

he had a dream one night
in it he chose to reveal their love
so he sent forth carrier pigeons
to fly to the ends of the earth
and proclaim…

those who hear, take heed
those who read, do that too
those with compassion, judge not
note our love, and sound your clapping
from all corners of the earth
of her i am unashamed

yes, their love was three-cornered
and maybe that was one too many
but if the world with all its four
would seek to make them all the poor then
they could always set a resolute jaw and
love anyway

he had a dream


© All rights reserved 2016

56 thoughts on “triskelion gospel

    • Feeling quite positive actually. Tati and I have a lot of plans, and we work so very well together. And even though my depression is still very much there, it takes a back seat lately. How about you, Morgan? Your latest pieces continue to plumb emotional depths that never fail to resonate with me.

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    • That is you’re feeling positive. I wish you and Tati the best and keep up the great work. I am ok sometimes it is hard to smile but I try to find a way to smile. I hope my poems don’t cause people sadness but sometimes I have to let out the emotion I feel

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    • If there’s sadness, it’s only that which they’ve already brung. I think your words offer a form of catharsis, and perhaps they even give your readers permission to face their inner demons too. You should keep doing what you’re doing. It has merit. 🙂

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    • I guess your right and thank you. All I can do is write raw emotions. My heart is often heavy I thought I was getting better emotionally but I realize I still have a lot of hurt and anger. So I write it in hopes it helps me and others. All I want is to be happy and help people in some way

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    • In a way, I don’t think it ever ends, Morgan. As long as we’re thinking, feeling human beings then we’re going to get all the awful stuff right along with the good stuff – emotionally speaking. I find the reality of that hard to come to terms with too. Weirdly enough, perhaps this unwillingness to accept the hurt is some kind of innate optimism that things must surely get better, or it’s a sense of justice that won’t brook any wrongdoing in our lives. I don’t know. It gives me food for thought though. That much I know.

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    • I know what you mean. I wish the bad stuff and hurt didn’t have to be. I wish that loving was full of being alive inside without pain. I believe in staying positive and thinking positive but it is hard at times. I encourage others because I would never want someone to feel the hurt I feel. In my life I was talked about laughed at picked on left out abandoned and mistreated it left me feeling hurt and very unhappy with myself. I am learning to love me but the pain still lurks deep down inside

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  1. Compassion!

    Hey, my DNA MADE ME hit on Aleksina because that is a Russian name. No picture! Hmm. I’ll contain myself. Yep. Surrrre.
    No really.

    Maybe. Augh! I’m bad.
    No- its my DNA
    Baltic Sea memories from great great grandpa “Phil Anderer”. No!
    Cursed. No!

    Have a nice previet!

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