la mort d’étincelle (a life without)

light spatter on a distant shore
a breath suspended beneath the shells
those poppy skies from whence i came
would not be tamed, unbidden now
with hidden fey i lay at the end of things

between living and fading we keep
ornately unfolded and yon covered
eyes of coin in our spectral stead
flower bloom red, long bone and lace
windblown and rue, i too retain to sing

she took a gun to the war in my head
and of course i knew we’d never again…
reaping here under peak and deep well
she wrote a fifth gospel before i burned
a four eyed dream and screamed my last light away

as i pay charon his due for my years
it isn’t that former land i will miss
it’s the one who was there, who chose to stay
in a tender way, her hands on my face
and fond i enclasped to the last her warm allay

i never sought to grow old
only more capacitive


© All rights reserved 2016

38 thoughts on “la mort d’étincelle (a life without)

  1. How wonderful is your poem! It is how I see transition from this world to another – magnificent, with just a touch of sadness. Our dreams are some kind of rehearsals in preparation to the Grand transition 🙂 They increase our capacity 🙂

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  2. This poem is very deep and needs rereading, and rereading, and rereading. I would think the reader’s mood/state of mind would see it differently each time she/he read it. I am printing myself a copy to keep if that’s ok.

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